Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Students reflect on Adoration Part 4

Adoration is a very peaceful time for me. I can talk to God. I can pray the Rosary. I can feel God right next to me. I can also feel God's grace. (Josie B. 5th)

Adoration is different from mass. There is not a lot of kids or older people at Adoration. The church is filled with incense. The church is very quiet. When we went to Adoration I prayed the Rosary. (Dylan L. 5th)

There was Adoration in the air! It made me feel peaceful. It made me closer to God. I enjoy the smell of incense in the air. The Monstrance looks like the sun. Adoration makes my soul happy! (Nicole F. 5th)

Adoration was very holy to me. It was almost like reconciliation. It let me confess my sins to God. I felt pure of heart. I liked praying the Rosary. I got three decades in. It helped me communicate better with God. (Grant D. 5th)

When I walked into Church, I felt I was in the holiest place. It was like God saying hi to me. I felt I was face to face with God. I said one decade of the Rosary. It was different than mass. (Chris T. 5th)


Anonymous said...

Sister Nicolette,
Thanks for posting your students' reflections. I love reading how they are impacted by the experience of Adoration.

Anonymous said...

Those people that wrote those paragraphs are very holy. They did a great job. I loved to read them. Hannah 5

Anonymous said...

Good jod 5th Grade! You all did a very nice job!:)

-Mia R.