Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Students reflect on Adoration Part 2

Adoration is the highest form of praise due only to God. To me Adoration is a place to talk to God without distractions. It appeals to all five senses. I feel like every part of me is worshipping God. It gives me a sense of awe in God's presence. I feel all of the days stress and worries slip away...finally finding a sense of peace. (Emily P. 8th)

Adoration is a time for me to relax and talk to God. It is a peaceful time to talk and think. I enjoy Adoration. It brings me closer to God. (Kristen S. 8th)

My time during Adoration was very peaceful. I had time to think about school, my life and problems in my life. I had time to talk with God and tell him about my problems. I also had time to pray for friends, family and other things I wanted to pray about. (Sofia O. 8th)

Adoration is very important because it is the highest form of praise that we can give to God. I like it because I can talk to God. I like to talk to God through Adoration because it is always quiet and reverent. (Kristen N. 8th)

Adoration is the highest form of praise due only to God. Adoration is time in church when you can be closer to God. During Adoration you use all your senses to become closer to God. For example, during Adoration you use your sense of smell when you smell the incense making you focus on God. (Jake F. 8th)

Adoration to me is a very solemn and holy time. It is a time to be calm and quiet while you spend one-on-one time with God. Adoration on Thursday gets the stress from the week released. (Ben #2 8th)

The definition of Adoration is the highest form of praise due only to God. That is true. When I am in Adoration I feel like I have entered a very calm place. It is very peaceful. (Josh C. 8th)


Anonymous said...

Dear Sister Nicolette,
Thanks for posting your students' reflections on their Adoration experience. It is clear through their words that this form of prayer is having a very real impact on their faith development.

Pedro said...

Dear Sister,
As beautiful as those comments are, seems to me that those children are somewhat confused and repeating what they have been wrongly taught, namely, that Adoration is "the highest form of praise", when the highest form of worship is the holy Sacrifice of the Mass, specially given that the One doing the supreme act of worship is our Lord Himself - we only associate ourselves to that mystery.

Sr. Nicolette Etienne, OSB said...

Thanks for your comment. I agree that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the highest form of praise and worship. When my students refer to Adoration as the highest form of praise due only to God they are referring to the fact that God is the only one deserving of praise and adoration. I will certainly clarify again the difference between Adoration and the Sacrifice of the Mass to make sure there is no confusion between the two. Blessings to you!
Sr. Nicolette