Friday, October 2, 2009

8th Graders serve at the Cathedral Kitchen

Giving soup and bread isn't all that the rich can do. The poor are your masters, terribly sensitive, exacting as you will see. But the uglier and dirtier they are, the more unjust and bitter, the more you must give them your love. It is only because of your love...only your love...that the poor will forgive you the bread you give them." (St. Vincent DePaul)

As all three of us "Bens" were riding in the car to the soup kitchen, Mrs. Buckley was explaining to us what to expect. I didn't know really what to expect. When we arrived at the soup kitchen Ben #3 and I were assigned to juice duty. Most of the people we served were male African Americans who didn't have jobs. I felt special being able to serve people less fortunate than I. The people had great manners and I always had a smile for them. Many asked how my day was going. Overall, it was a very special experience. (Ben #2)

Working in the soup kitchen was overwhelming. When we arrived we were given a short tour. Then we were given our jobs. The other two Bens handled the juice. I got the job of a runner. I took trays of donuts back to the main room. I saw some of the people we were to serve. Most of the people were male, African American adults. I over heard one of the kind volunteers talk about her car window being smashed out. I wondered how anyone can expect the food and then try to rob one of those who just fed them. Later I cut pies and put them on plates to the main room. I fixed trays of sweets and served them. After I finished serving the sweets I helped dry plates, trays and silverware. Soon it was time to leave. I felt good that I had helped. (Ben #1)

At the soup kitchen I had a good experience. I served juice with Ben #2. We got to see a lot of people. We helped many of the volunteers. It felt good to make the neighbors smile. (Ben #3)

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sister Nicolette,
Thanks for posting the students' reflections. They served with joy and were very helpful. I hope it was a meaningful experience for them.