Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Commentary for November 1st by Sr. Kathleen Yeadon, OSB

Over the years, as I have taught the Beatitudes at school, I have introduced the idea of changing Bishop Chatard’s mascot from the Trojans to the Beatitudes. It is one of the few times where there is absolute silence –including the one time, the President of the school was sitting there.

The Beatitudes have been for me a lightning rod—attractive and inviting but when I get too close---deadening. The Beatitudes are like Chapter 72 of the Rule—so awesome to think and reflect on but so beyond my wildest dreams of living up to it.I am happy to be able to say—they still call out to me—to keep trying—to believe in the impossible dream.

This week when I began reflecting ---they became a photo album of people who have mirrored them for me. They also reflected events that have gone on in my life where I attempted to guide my life by these verses.

The Gospel passage has also shown me how I have changed over the years. I used to not even be able to say the word meek because all I ever wanted to be was strong.

Peacemaker was not in my working vocabulary either. Now, I appreciate the changes that have occurred in my life.

Normally, when I can’t achieve something, I just give it up and concentrate on something else. The Beatitudes won’t let me give up, they slow down and walk with me ever so gently inviting me to try in small ways to make them visible.

Blessed are those who don’t let fear turn them from the narrow road—for they shall run with hearts wide open with inexpressible joy.

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