Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Students reflect on Adoration Part 3

Today the Eucharist was displayed in a special holder called a Monstrance. During Adoration we go to church to pray and worship Jesus. Sr. Nicolette took us to church. We brought Rosaries to pray with as a group. It was really holy when we went to church and knelt before the Blessed Sacrament. It was cool going to church with Sr. Nicolette. (Jack S. 5th)

When we went to Adoration I felt peaceful. I felt close to God. I smelled the incense and it felt like God was right next to me. I prayed for my family in the silence. After I said some prayers, I said some Hail Marys and Our Fathers. When we came out of Adoration I felt peaceful. (Katie D. 5th)

I thought Adoration was a very special time because it was very quiet. I prayed to God the entire time. I asked for forgiveness. I got to see Jesus. Nick G. 5th)

I enjoyed Adoration because I got to talk to Jesus alone. I enjoyed talking to Jesus alone because I got to tell him some things. When I was at Adoration I enjoyed praying the Rosary in church. When I was at Adoration I also go to see the Eucharist which is Jesus. Adoration meant a lot to me because it was a very prayerful moment. I think Adoration is a very good time to talk to Jesus alone. (Alexis F. 5th)

Adoration means that hour I love Jesus when He comforts me. Jesus is really there. I love Jesus for dying on the cross for me. For giving me my parents and for protecting my entire family. I love Jesus . (Madilyn B. 5th)

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