Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Students reflect on Adoration Part 1

Every Thursday the students have an opportunity to spend time in Adoration. The following are reflections from the students on what Adoration means to them.

Adoration is a special time with Jesus. I LOVE it! It is very peaceful. (Deven L. 8th)

Adoration means a lot to me. Adoration is our alone time with God. I can talk to God about anything because it is between the two of us. Adoration should be important to everyone. (Brianna S. 8th)

Adoration is important because I get time to sort out my problems and think what I have to say to Jesus. I also like that I can think. It brings me closer to God. I know that He is listening so I tell Him how thankful I am and about my problems. I like going to Adoration because it is very good for me. Having my own pew helps me a lot, too. I can concentrate better and I can't look around that much to see what others are doing. (Lucy M. 8th)

Adoration is when I go to church to pray and I see Christ. I like it because I have time to pray for my family and friends. It is so peaceful to go to church during Adoration. It is like being with Jesus all alone. It feels like no one else is there...just Jesus and me! (Nicole D. 8th)

Adoration is very peaceful. I enjoyed sitting by myself because it helped me focus on Jesus. Adoration relaxes me and it helps me get closer to God. (Samantha A. 8th)

Adoration is important to me because I get to spend time with Jesus by myself. When I go to Adoration, I talk to God about my problems and what is going on in my life. I think Adoration is important. (Liam M. 8th)

Adoration to me means thanking God for all He has done. Which in turn will get me closer to God and His kingdom. All of our senses are focused on God in some way. Smell...I can smell the incense, allowing me to concentrate. Hearing...I hear silence, except for God and myself having prayer time together. Taste...smell affects my taste...I can taste the incense. Seeing...I see the Monstrance. Touch...? almost all five! (Jamaica H. 8th)

Adoration means being able to express my emotions fully to God. It means getting to know Him better. Getting to know God's creation and God's plan for me. I also tell God my secrets during Adoration. (Taylor B. 8th)

Adoration today was very calming. I liked that we got to sit in our own pew. I think that brought me closer to God. It is good to take some time during the day and go to church to solemnly pray to God. (J.C. E. 8th)


Anonymous said...

Dear Sister Nicolette,
Thanks for posting the 8th Graders' reflection on Adoration. Their words indicate that the time is very meaningful to them.

Anonymous said...

Sister Nicolette,
Loved reading the comments on adoration. These are from 8th graders??? WOW! Rock on Sister Nicolette!
Lynn B.