Friday, October 2, 2009

The Feast of the Guardian Angels

My students wrote Haikus on the Guardian Angels. We are grateful God created these spiritual beings to guide and protect us!

Guardian Angel,
Who loves me so protect me,
From death below.
(Ashley K. 8th)

Guardian Angel,
Help me to my God's Kingdom,
I believe in you.
(Tristan M. 8th)
Guardian Angel,
My Angel you are my shield,
My safe protection.
(Ben #1)
My Guardian helps,
He protects me from evil,
I like my angel.
(Deven L. 8th)
Guardian Angel,
You have me no matter what,
Guardian Angel.
(Elizabeth G. 8th)
Guardian Angel,
You protect me from evil,
You lead me to good.
Your turn me to the right path,
You only bring good,
Angel protect me always.
(Kaitlin O. 8th)
He is there for me,
He is never far away,
He makes my day great!
(Lucy M. 8th)
Hello my angel,
My guardian dear to whom,
God's love commits me!
(Nick K. 8th)
This is my angel,
He is my guardian, too,
I love him so much!
(Christian L. 8th)
Guardian Angel,
I love and cherish you,
Please be at my side.
(Kristen N. 8th)
Guardian Angel,
Always near and dear to me,
Keep me safe from harm.
(Emily P. 8th)
My Guardian Man,
Please protect me from danger,
Protect me from sin.
(Liam M. 8th)
Protect me angel,
For when I am in trouble,
I will want you near.
(Kristen S. 8th)
I love my angel,
Keep me safely from all harm,
Never stray from me.
(Sofia O. 8th)
My Guardian Angel,
My protector and my strength,
Always by my side.
(Ben #2 8th)


Anonymous said...

I love all the 8th graders poems. I really liked Ashley K.'s. I think she is wonderful just like you sister.

Your favorite student.
Ashley K.

Anonymous said...

I luved all of the poems! They were great! Emily B.