Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vocation Essay, Annie W.

“Come and See”

A few years ago, I transferred from a Catholic school to another private school that serves students with Dyslexia. When I first went to the new school, I remember missing the extra time I got with God at my former school. I missed going to mass, having religion class and having daily prayer with my teacher and classmates. At the same time, this new experience was exposing me to people I might not have ever met. Some of my new classmates had very diverse religious backgrounds and lifestyles. Sometimes, we would talk about our beliefs and as we did this, it helped me realize how important my own were to me. For example, we had heated discussions about abortion. I realized how much I missed the daily guidance I had received in my former Catholic school. I wished that my peers could also be given the gift of faith in their lives, too.

After five years of intensive, specialized curriculum at the school for Dyslexic students, I felt academically ready to move back to a more traditional style of school. My parents and I visited Holy Name of Jesus Catholic School, and immediately it felt like the right fit with compassionate, caring teachers. One of the teachers I met, was Sister Nicolette. She is not what most people think of when they think of a nun. I know she has opened my eyes as well. Sister Nicolette shows her students her love by the way she teaches and the way she embraces her calling to know, love and serve God. She shows us that her obedience to God is not a burden or punishment, but a calling that she has joyfully responded to. She has shown us all that a life of service to God can also be a life of fun and fulfillment. Honestly, before I met Sister Nicolette, if someone had ever asked me if I would consider being a nun, my immediate response would have been absolutely NOT! Now, that I have seen someone with such a love for God and a joy for life, I am open to see how God calls me to His service in my own life. I would still, of course, have to think about all the options life has to offer, but I would be much more willing to consider a call to the religious life after meeting Sister Nicolette.

I think all of the experiences so far in my life have molded me to become what God has in store for me. I think it is no coincidence that I had to meet people different from myself to appreciate and embrace my own faith more fully. It is also no coincidence that Sister Nicolette is teaching me about loving, joyful service to God.

(Annie W. 7th Grade)

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Kathy said...

Yes, Annie, it's no coincidence. God acts in our lives in countless ways every day. You are a very wise young lady to realize such things that many of us adults have yet to discover!

Sr. Nicolette is a friend of mine and she is certainly a fun and joy-filled person. In truth, you won't meet a true Christian who isn't! Because it is God who fuels their life and gives them joy.

I'm glad you've found a home at Holy Name and I'm glad you're sharing your faith with others. Keep up the good work and keep listening to God's voice!