Monday, January 25, 2010

8th Graders Serve at the Cathedral Soup Kitchen

My trip to the soup kitchen was a really good experience. It was just like St. Vincent de Paul. The same people that were at the soup kitchen were also at St. Vincent de Paul. It was fun serving the homeless and the needy. If I had an opportunity to do it again, I would, because that was a life fulfilling experience. I would recommend it to people, because it's a good way to teach you how to put others' needs before your wants. They need the necessities that most of us are blessed to have. What I'm trying to relay is that if you think your "needs" come before the unfortunate who don't have the materialistic items you have, then you're mistaken. The next time you decide to do something special for yourself think about the others who have very little. I loved the soup kitchen a lot and I hope I can do it again. I even have the desire to serve in my spare time. I love to serve God's people and to make them very happy. I enjoy seeing that people have what they need to eat and what they need to clothe themselves. At St. Vincent de Paul they were happy that they got a lot of free stuff and clothes that kept them warm at night. I never thought that I would do something to change some one's life. I hope you will feel the same way when you serve someone that is in need. You will really enjoy the look of gratitude on their face. Sometimes that is all you need to make your day.
(Nikki D.)

When I went to the soup kitchen it smelled really bad. But the people were really nice. It was worth volunteering my time. The food didn't look very appetizing but the people ate it anyway.
(Brianna S.)

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