Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vocation Essay, Lauren H.

Priests, deacons, and religious brothers and sisters play a very important role in all of our everyday lives. For example priests, day after day, speak about the good news of how the Lord loves us unconditionally no matter how big our sins may be. They teach us that God wants us to treat his people with the respect they deserve. God sends these religious people to us so that his life and memories never die within our hearts. These people are like a phone that God calls us on, but we must choose if we want to answer it and talk to him.

Priests are the second people after God who welcomes us to life as his followers. Priests baptize us allowing us to begin our life as a messenger of God. Priests welcome us to God and say good bye to us when we die, while God is saying hello to us in heaven. Priest help people feel right with God during reconciliation. They allow us to have the body of Christ when we know we are not worthy enough for it. Priests sometimes talk to young men about becoming a priest. They also us influence to take a bigger perspective of why God put us on this earth.

Deacons and religious brothers are almost the same things. Deacons are men who are married but wanted to have a bigger part preaching about our Lord Jesus Christ. Brothers do teach and are faithful to God with the love a priest would have towards God. They both want to broaden people’s minds about how they can help God. Their goals are to help people understand why God put us on this earth.

Religious sisters follow Jesus in many ways. Some teach religion classes to inform today’s youth about the good news of the Lord. They inspire people to follow Jesus so that in everything we do He may be glorified. Like priest, deacons, and religious brothers they want to serve God and his people.

We all have a chance to serve God. How we serve him is our choice. God calls each of us to know, love and serve him. They all ask themselves what would Jesus do. They try to inspire others to love and cherish the Lord Jesus Christ every single day of our life.

Lauren H.
7th Grade

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