Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Commentary for the 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time by Sr. Kathleen Yeadon, OSB

There is no more wine---
there is always something running short in our lives---
so put in a request to God whose love is so much greater than ours.

Dare to ask God for an abundance –
an overflowing abundance of what you need.

For at the wedding feast
filling six water jugs of 20-30 gallons
is an incredible abundance.

The wedding feast tells us God is not stingy—
measuring out meager amounts of joy, faith, healing, courage--
just enough to keep us begging for more.

No, the wedding Feast of Cana says—
God is waiting for your need
to become a moment of intimacy between you and God---
where your heart finally has the courage to recklessly believe
in a God who recklessly loves.

Abandon the fear and ask ----

ask for your heart’s desire.

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