Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vocation Essay

This essay is on how Sisters, Priest and Deacons help us hear God’s call in my life. There are two different ways they help us to hear God’s calling. I am going to try to help you understand how they help me!

The first way I feel is Religion class with Sr.Nicolette. In class, when she is teaching us about what happened in the Bible, I feel like I get so much out it. I think that the reason I get so much out of it is, because I see what God did in the past. I think another way that Sr.Nicolette helps me on my way to God is Adoration. Adoration helps me so much because when I am in Adoration, I feel so close to God. When I pray in Adoration I feel like I am talking to God. Sometimes in there I can actually see God and I feel like He is listening intently. Those are some of the many ways Sister Nicolette helps me see God’s calling.

The next way that a religious person helps me see God’s calling is when a Priest says mass. I think this is one of the most important things a priest does to help me hear God’s call, especially when we receive communion. When I receive Jesus I feel very close to Him. This is when I get most of my time to talk with just Jesus I feel like communion is the most important time to talk to God. That is what I think the most important thing that a Priest does to help me hear God’s calling.

Those are the things that religious people do to help me hear Gods calling.

Pete P.
8th Grade

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