Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Vocation Essay

How do priest, deacons, and religious brothers and sisters help us to hear God’s call in our lives?
I have always been a student in a Catholic School, and probably will be still in the future. But in all my eight years of being a Catholic student I have never been taught by a Catholic priest or nun, until now.

My second day at school my 2008 -2009 school year I was a new student at Holy Name Catholic School. I walked into religion class not knowing what to expect. I got a huge welcome from our religion teacher Sr. Nicolette. I felt odd, in a good way, I had never been taught by a nun before. It was a whole new experience.

These last couple months at Holy Name have truly been holy. We learned about our vocation, hearing God’s call. Sr. Nicolette really got into teaching us about it and really had us praying to God asking Him what he wants us to do.

Vocation was a new thing to me. It was new because my old religion teacher had never taught me about it. I really wondered why I have never heard about something so important to us. Knowing what God wants us to do was a big thing in our lives, and Sr. Nicolette has really helped me realize what God wants me to do right now.

This year Sr. Nicolette has really opened us up to God, and I’m sure she will continue to do so. Next year we will really have to realize what God wants us to do for Him, and Sr. Nicolette is the perfect person to help us open up to God. That’s why Sr. Nicolette has opened me up to God.

Ben #3
7th Grade

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sister Nicolette,
Your students' essays demonstrate a high level of faith. Thanks for posting them.