Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vocation Essay

How do Priests, Deacons, Brothers and Sister help us to hear God’s call in our lives?

I think that religious leaders are not the only ones who can hear God or tell people about God’s call. Brothers and Sisters are the same as people, but they spend more time with God. They can help us hear God’s call by helping us to do more for God. We should let God come into us. We shouldn’t let Him just go through us, let Him stay in us. We should never let evil come between us and God.

Priests, Deacons and Religious Brothers and Sisters, help us to hear God’s call by teaching us prayers, Jesus’ life, and creation. They teach Christ’s message by teaching the celebration of the mass and sacrament. Priests tell us about journeys, miracles, and adventures of Jesus. Religious leaders remind us of the opportunities that allow us to serve God. For instance, the Youth Ministry provides newsletters that allow opportunities projects like Easter Baskets for the ill or older people.

When people call for help we should help them. We can’t just say what we want to do for God, we have to do what we say that we are going to do. Words aren’t everything actions aren’t the same as words. People who do good things for God may or may not get thanked. Some people go to St Vincent De Paul to help others. For an example my Grandma works at St Vincent De Paul for God, she doesn’t do it because she gets paid. She doesn’t expect the money. She does it for other people and for God. I work with her and a lot of people say God bless you. I like that they say that to me, too. My grandma is the best to learn about God and the bible, she will answer it fast. Sr. Nicolette is really good too.

I have learned the most from my Grandma. She will tell you or show you about what God told her to do. She tries not to say no to God. She is a great person in so many ways. God loves her a lot, and He loves everyone a lot. There is no doubt in His mind.

Priests are there for you if you need someone to talk to and to get blessed. They will tell you to try not to sin again. Brothers and sisters are there to teach us about the religious world, and to serve and love of God. And to tell you about Jesus, His followers, and everything He did. The religious leaders help people to start following God and how to act. He isn’t there just to watch over you. He asks your Guardian Angel to watch over you. God tries to help you from going against Him. He also makes sure you don’t hurt people either. God and the people who believe in Him can’t hate you, they will pray for you. God loves everyone.

Many people ask, “What will heaven look like?” My guess is you can think of whatever you want it to be. You will never know until you die on your special day and you will find out then. The best part of it is that you can’t tell people after you saw it. So you can’t give it up. Well, I think that everyone has their own heaven. You have a treasure chest in heaven in a room, and when you open it up, it will be filled with what you had in the past with all your memories inside.

Nikki D.
7th Grade

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