Saturday, August 1, 2009

Jesus' August Message

Dearest apostles,
I thank you for your efforts for Me. Do you see the fruit of your labors? Perhaps not. Perhaps you continue serving, living out your commitments with no understanding of how I bless the world through your service. I hear your sighs. I am with you in your uncertainty. In humanity, there is always uncertainty. In humanity, there is always doubt. There also comes fear and each human will experience heaviness in his heart some day. None of these things should persuade you that you are serving in vain. None of these things should distract you from a zealous representation of the gospel message. You see, the message is so much bigger than each of you. And yet, each of you is necessary. The gospel truth pushes itself into a world that craves truth, even while it rejects truth. You, beloved apostle, are part of that push. You will feel the strain in your body and soul. You will feel the sacrifice. If you did not feel any such strain or sacrifice, there would be cause for concern because living and spreading the gospel is work. When you feel tired, remember that I also felt tired. Never separate your sufferings from My sufferings and you will be at peace, even as you carry your share of the cross for this time. I am with you, loving and sustaining you. I am ever watchful. When you need Me in a special way, you shall have Me, with every grace required. Do not be afraid of anything. Your Jesus will never abandon you.


Anonymous said...

This woman is a fraud. Please, please read the following link'sBishop.htm

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the posting, Sr. Nicolette.

Interesting that the link did not contain any comments from this woman's bishop, just a bunch of allegations from someone written to Anna's bishop. Some of the comments were outright untruths. (i.e., Medjugore can not be judged a false apparition by the Church... the apparitions will need to stop before they can be evaluated. The link says it is false.)

Regardless, this post spoke directly to me today. I needed this message. I figure if God spoke to Balaam through his ass (donkey), considered a murder (King David) to be "a man after my own heart", and saw fit to include a prostitute (Rahab) in Jesus' lineage, He can speak to me through this posting!

Jennifer Vance

kathy Willis said...

There will always be nay-sayers in the world and everyone is entitled to an opinion. Even the Church recognizes that no one is compelled to believe in private revelation. Certainly the author of the blog cited by "Anonymous" rejects Anne's revelation. In his own words, "I'm sick of apparitions. Give me the Mass." True enough, Richard Salbato, the Mass is the perfect prayer. Nevertheless, if Jesus condescends to speak to one of his humble servants, I'll deign to listen. it seems a simple matter to discern whether a particular "revelation" speaks to your heart, leaving you with a feeling of peace and certainty or with a sense of disquiet.

Anne's messages, and I have read each one, have always contained authentic Catholic teaching and gospel values. Each message, though sometimes challenging, leaves me with a sense of peace. There is nothing within any of the messages contrary to Catholic teaching and I have grown in faith, hope, and love, since I began reading the messages. It is true that Anne is not a saint nor does she claim to be. In the words of St. Bernadette, God chooses His lowliest servants to be His scriveners. Thank goodness He need not wait for saints to bear His messages to us sinners!

I am sure that Anonymous and Richard Salbato both seek the truth. The truth is found in the depth of your heart. My heart tells me that I can place my trust in these messages and so I will continue to offer my allegiance to Christ and attempt to seek His will in all that I do. As Anne herself says, we can rest in our obedience to the Church.

Thanks for publishing these messages, Sr. Nicolette, "so that in all things... God may be glorified!"

Anonymous said...

Dear Sister Nicolette,
Thank you for posting the August Message. I continue to find strength and renewal from reading Ann's words and am grateful that you make them available.

Catherine said...

There are so many amazing Saints in the Church, that we know nothing about and who have had amazing lives and reading about them and their struggles is alot more beneficial and alot more interesting...God bless