Friday, September 25, 2009

8th Graders serve at the Cathedral Kitchen

Our school theme this year is, "Let the Son Shine Through Service." The 8th graders take turns serving the neighbors at the Cathedral Soup Kitchen. The students serve in groups of three, three times a month. The students are asked to write a short essay on what serving in the Soup Kitchen is like for them. The following reflections are from the students who had the opportunity to serve.

This past Friday I volunteered at the Cathedral Soup Kitchen. It was a very different occupation to do. At first I didn't know what to expect. On our way to the kitchen, Mrs. Buckley was explaining what the soup kitchen is like and what we should try to expect. She told us that the soup kitchen was downstairs in the basement area. She also told us that the people coming there might smell and that they might have ripped clothes on. She also told us that they might even curse. Then when we got there, Mrs. Buckley showed us around and introduced us to the other volunteers. She then showed us where the homeless or hungry would eat. The dining room, as I would call it, was very small. I thought that it was going to be a good size room. Then she showed us the pantry where they keep the food. It was a big room and there was a room the same size full of food right above. When the homeless people started to come in I was set up at a table serving "stuff." One of the volunteers said the "stuff" contained cut up bananas, sliced peaches, marshmallows, another fruit and a mixture of some liquids. To me it was a fast two hours at the soup kitchen. To all of the other volunteers it was slow day. When I was there I noticed one important thing about the homeless and the hungry. They were very polite. They were even polite when they have little or nothing at all. It makes me wonder if I were in their position if I would be that polite. (Josh C.)

My experience at the Soup Kitchen was very moving. At first I was very nervous about going. When I got there they showed us around and told us what we would be doing. When they took us into the room in which we would be serving the people, the first thing that came into my mind was wow, this room is very small. When they let the people in at first it was overwhelming. Taylor and I were serving the juice. The juice was flying but once we got it under control it was a lot less nerve racking. Just a simple hello, how are you made them smile. I was happy to put a smile on someones face. I had a very enjoyable day and can't wait to return to the soup kitchen. (Samantha A.)

It was a very moving experience to serve the neighbors. The look on their faces when I handed them their food was like no other. They looked really hungry and just deprived of everything. (Taylor B.)


Anonymous said...

thats so cool that your working at the Cathedral Kitchen.

bailey b.

Mrs. Fleming said...

It is amazing how one small smile, one small act of kindness can change the world. Each day, I pray for God's grace to help me make that small change in the world, just as you have done. Way to go, Giants!

Anonymous said...

dear sister your the best teacher

Anonymous said...

the 8 graders are very good at writing!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sister Nicolette,
Thank you for posting the kids' reflections of their service opportunity. We should all be proud of the way they represented Holy Name of Jesus Catholic School.