Thursday, September 10, 2009

8th Graders Pray the Rosary Part 4

I think in receiving our Rosaries we have an opportunity to pray more often. We get to use holy Rosaries that our own parish priest blessed for us. We used our Rosaries the first time together as an 8th grade class the day Fr. Stan blessed our Rosaries. That memory will never leave our hearts. One thing I really liked is how the ladies came into church while we were praying and felt welcomed enough to join us in our prayers of devotion to Mary. (Ben #3)

Receiving a Rosary that was hand made by Sr. Nicolette meant a lot to me. It was nice and calm when we prayed the Rosary in church. It was a good reflection time. When the girls led the Rosary and the guys answered it sounded really nice to me. Having our Rosaries blessed by Fr. Stan made it even more special. Having a blessed Rosary feels good. This Rosary is special for three reasons: 1. Because it is hand made. 2. Because it is my first blessed Rosary. 3. Because I got to pick the Rosary I wanted. Thank you for making the Rosaries for us. It means a whole lot! Thanks once again. (Christian L.)

Whenever I have my Rosary I remember that Mary is with me. Since my Rosary is blessed it seems more special. When we prayed the Rosary...nothing else really mattered. I knew God was with me. While saying the Hail Marys all my worries were lifted off my shoulders. I prayed for my family and friends. I prayed for the poor and the sick. I felt so much better having prayed for all the people closest to me. I felt even better praying for people who never had anyone to pray for them. The best thing about my Rosary is that it will bring me closer to God!
(Kaitlin O.)

First of all...I love the fact that our Rosaries were specially made by Sr. Nicolette. That is one of the nicest things that anyone has ever done for me. It is also very neat that Fr. Stan took the time to bless our hand made Rosaries. After mass, we prayed the Rosary together as a class. After praying the Rosary I felt less stressed and like my troubles have simply gone away. I try my best to pray the Rosary a few times a week. When we pray the Rosary or the Divine Mercy Chaplet as a class, I feel like we are connected in a way. Almost like God automatically knows when someone is praying the Rosary and is in need of His help. The Rosaries are beautiful by the way! Thank you Sr. Nicolette! (Kristen N.)


Anonymous said...

Dear Kristen N. and Kaitlin O.,
When I read what you wrote about the rosaries makes me excited to get my rosaries in 8th grade. St. Nicolet always talkes about when we will get to pick out our own rosaries and keep them.
From Darcie S.

Anonymous said...

kristen's rosary reflection was the best!!!

Anonymous said...

christian your reflection was very inspiring! i loved it!!! <3kristen