Friday, September 4, 2009

8th Graders Pray the Rosary Part 2

This blog entry continues with my 8th graders reflection on praying the Rosary. Enjoy!

The Rosary means a lot to me because my great grandmother and myself used to say the Rosary together. She passed away over the summer. Her favorite prayer was the Hail Mary. That is why the Rosary means so much to me. When I chose my Rosary I feel I didn't just have the Mother Mary there with me but both my great grandmother and Mother Mary! When Father Stan blessed our Rosaries I was filled with joy. It brought back the time I had spent with my great grandmother. Thank you Sister for the beautiful Rosary you made for us. (Samantha A.)

It is my first blessed Rosary...and it is solely mine! I'll probably put it in my room, in a place where I can see it. It will remind me to pray more and I think I'll feel safe going to bed at night knowing that Mary and Jesus are with me. I think it will remind me to say a few Hail Marys before bed. My mom has a Rosary from her Aunt Kay. It's about 105 years old. She keeps it in her treasure chest. I hope to keep this Rosary that long...and to pass it down to my children someday. (Joseph E.)

What does my Rosary mean to me? Well, after getting to pick my Rosary, and have it blessed, the Rosary feels more special to me. When we led the Rosary I really felt like a Holy Name 8th grade leader. I think that it is more of a right of passage. This Rosary is like a gift, we will all remember. Sr. Nicolette took the time to make these and Fr. Stan blessed them for us. A Rosary is an awesome gift because you can keep it forever. When I graduate from 8th grade, I'll miss all the awesome teachers and staff here. Having my Rosary will always remind me that I am a Holy Name Giant! (Jamaica H.)

I think having a Rosary made by a nun is very special because I've only had Rosaries made in other places. I think having our Rosaries blessed was cool. I like my Rosary because I have a Trinity Crucifix. I also thought it was cool that the boys and the girls had a chance to lead the Rosary. (Liam M.)

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