Tuesday, September 8, 2009

8th Graders Pray the Rosary Part 3

This blog entry continues with my 8th graders reflection on praying the Rosary. Enjoy!

I feel that praying brings me closer to God. When I pray the Rosary, it's easier to focus on God. Praying the Rosary makes me feel peaceful. This helps me during the day. Having my Rosary blessed makes praying the Rosary even more special. I'm thankful that Father Stan was able to bless my Rosary. Praying the Rosary helps me know God and Mary better. I feel more connected to God and Mary. (Kristen S.)

I think that having my own blessed Rosary will help me a lot. Now I can pray the Rosary more. When Fr. Stan was blessing the Rosaries, he said a prayer and then flicked holy water on them and then said another prayer. When we prayed the Rosary...after they were blessed...I was so happy. I thought it was fun the way the girls led the Rosary and then the boys led the Rosary. It was different. With a blessed Rosary I can teach my little cousin about God, Jesus, Mary and the Holy Spirit. That is why I am happy that I have my own blessed Rosary! (Deven L.)

I liked that we were able to pick our own Rosary. Instead of just being given one that means nothing to us. We got to pick the one that was special to us. I liked praying the Rosary in Church even though sometimes I lost count every now and then. I was glad we got our Rosaries blessed. Now I have a blessed one. I have never had a blessed one before. I like my Rosary. Even though it is pink and I really don't like the color pink it is very beautiful. I love the cross. I like the way they put hearts at the end of all four sides. I also am impressed that they were able to put INRI at the top. Some Rosaries don't have that. I also lvoe the connecting part that has Mary's face on it. I am glad we get to pray the Rosary together. I will miss this when I graduate. (Ashley K.)

I usually just pray, but not a Rosary. So now that I have nice new Rosary, I will pray the Rosary. Getting the Rosary blessed makes it very special to me. I plan to keep it for the rest of my life. What is really cool is the crucifix and the beads which are Job's Tears. Sr. Nicolette said, "If the your Rosary ever breaks, I will fix it for you." This Rosary is very special. (Ben #1)


Anonymous said...

hey sister i love your work that you do . madilyn 5

Anonymous said...

Dear 8th Grade
I really liked you writing. Keep it up.
MiaR. 6th

Anonymous said...

Dear St. Nicolette
I really like your blog I hope we can eachother soon. God Bless you.
Love BIg Bertha