Wednesday, September 30, 2009

8th Graders Pray the Rosary Part 6

I like having a Rosary to pray with. It keeps my hands occupied, and it helps me keep count. Having my Rosary blessed by Fr. Stan makes me feel more holy when I'm praying. It's like holding something sacred in my hands. Praying the Rosary with classmates and friends makes it more powerful. It's not just you worshipping God, it's a whole room worshipping God. Praying with friends helps put meaning behind the words. (Emily P.)

What does my Rosary mean to me? It means to me that I have something in my life that is blessed. I was really happy when we got our Rosaries blessed. I can't explain how happy I was. When we prayed in church I felt holier than before. I felt Jesus in me. I wish we could spend more time in Church praying the Rosary. When I am in Church I open up more to God. Well, I do open up to God but it feels like I do it even more when I am in Church. I would like for my family to go to Church just to pray a Rosary. That would be lovely. My Grandma prays the Rosary all the time. I want to be like her on that part of her life. Jesus is a big part of our lives. Jesus is always there for us. He never forgets us. Jesus loves us too much to do that! He will always be there when we fall. Jesus will give us His hand to get us up and encourage us to keep going. (Nikki D.)
My Rosary means a lot to me. I have other Rosaries at my 1st Communion Rosary. This was very special for me because I have never had one of my Rosaries blessed. I really appreciated Fr. Stan taking time to say a special blessing for our Rosaries. It was really special for me when I got my Rosary, because I knew I had chosen the right one. All the beads are the same color but they are different sizes and some are more round than others. It reminded me that we all love God and are made in God's image but we are all unique and different. I liked how we all got to lead the Rosary. It reminds me of how we are going to lead the school this year. Thank you Sr. Nicolette for the Rosaries! (Sophia O.)
Having my own Rosary means a lot and even more since it is blessed. I hope I keep it for a while. When we were praying I liked how sometimes the girls led and then the boys led. I liked the Rosary I chose. I knew from the beginning which Rosary I wanted. My Rosary is forest green with brown and tan swirls. (Brianna S.)


Anonymous said...

sister i am sorry that you are sick get well.ashley5

Anonymous said...

I loved your reflection Emily P.
Emily 6