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Middle School Students' Thoughts on Adoration Part II

My middle school Religion students have the opportunity to participate in weekly Adoration. In an earlier post you read the 6th graders' thoughts on Adoration. Today you have the honor of reading the 7th graders' thoughts on Adoration. How blessed am I to teach these beautiful children of God?

Adoration is the highest form of praise due only to God. During adoration everyone of our senses are focused on Jesus. It helps me feel a sense of peace and tranquility. Knowing that Jesus is there gives me a sense of awe and wonder. Adoration helps me know that God is always there. I feel His presence all around me. Surrounding me with His grace and love. Adoration lets me talk to God in silence. I know He hears me and will answer my prayers. Sometimes it is hard for me to pray because I have a lot on my mind and I can't focus on Jesus. For some reason, during Adoration all of those worries and thoughts seem to disappear, leaving me totally focused on God. (Emily P.)

Adoration means so much to me. I really never understood Adoration when I was younger...and truthfully, I never wanted to go. But now that I'm older it means so much to me. It's a real privilege to go. It's my time to tell God everything; all my prayers, my troubles. It reminds me of writing in a journal. Adoration is a place I feel relieved. I don't have to worry about other things. I just let everything go. After I leave I feel so relieved. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It is the best feeling in the world! (Kaitlin O.)

Adoration is a time I can talk to God...and God can talk to me. That's peaceful to me. Adoration is like heaven to me because it is quiet and the incense is very strong which feels peaceful to me. It is like God, Mary, Jesus, my Guardian Angel and me are there having a meeting. When I was little I thought Mary was my Mother, God was my Dad, Jesus my Brother and my Guardian Angel my Godmother. Today, I still feel the same way! I'm glad I have the opportunity to go to Adoration. It makes me feel so good. (Nicole D.)

Adoration is very important to me. How else can I get closer to God? All I smell is the incense...all I hear is the silence...most importantly all I see is God. God is looking right back at me knowing that I am there, talking to Him without saying a word. He smiles at me and I smile back because I love Him and He loves me back. I am there in His presence. We are so lucky to know God! (Kristen N.)

Adoration is a holy time in church. When I enter the church, I get on both knees and bow unto the Lord. Father then comes out and puts the body of Christ in the Monstrance. Then he takes the incense and blesses the Lord Jesus Christ and blesses the altar. Father reads the Gospel. He gives us a homily about Christ and love. Then Father bows to the Lord on both knees right there by the altar. We have 10 minutes of silence. I pray to God about problems or just to pray. Then I leave the church the same way I entered. Adoration is one the best.
(Josh C.)

Adoration is extra time with God! The incense clears my mind of all thoughts and fills it with thoughts of God. It is so heaven on earth. No troubles at all; just peace and kindness, like a flower. When I am there, the church is full of prayer. I can just feel that God is there sitting beside me helping me me things to pray about and giving me the courage to pray. (Deven L.)

Adoration means I listen and talk only to God. God is saying, "I love you and I hope you love me, too." (Elizabeth G.)

To me Adoration means to lift up my heart and mind to God. It is a quiet time to talk to God and say anything that is bothering me. It is easy to say anything I want to Him because He will not tell anyone what I am going through. When I go to Adoration I can smell the incense and it wakes me up. I pray to God for all my family and friends, and for giving me a place in this world. I usually tell Him that I want my life to always be good...and it is. Adoration is a time where I can feel God's presence. I know that while I'm worshipping Him, He is always there to listen no matter what. During Adoration, I want to pray. After I'm done talking to God I usually sit and pray the Hail Mary and the Our Father.
(Gabby S.)

Adoration is the highest form of praise given only to God. I show reverence by genuflecting on both knees. The incense helps me focus. I do all of this for God.
(Ben #1)

What does Adoration mean to me? Adoration means complete silence with God. It is perfect prayer. It feels good praying with my body and soul. No other noises or distractions...just God. I can see Jesus and it feels great! Adoration is worshiping God on a new level. I usually say the Our Father and Hail Mary. Then I tell God who is in most need of my prayers. (Joseph E.)

What Adoration means to me is something very special. It is my one-on-one time with Jesus. I can pray, talk and say anything I want to. It is a very holy time. I like the smell of the incense because it relaxes me and it puts me in a holy mood. (Nick K.)

When I am at Adoration, I feel that nothing is around me but God and the slick wood of the pews. The smell of the incense makes me stay longer. I taste that I am talking to God, the taste of my tongue moving in a talking way. I have a small temptation to leave God, but an even larger temptation to stay and be with God. Whatever happens, I keep praying at that pew until it is time to leave. Nothing will stop me from staying with God. I feel that God is hugging me and won't let me go. (Tristan M.)

To me Adoration is a very important time. I use this time to pray to God. It is the highest praise I can give God. When I am at Adoration, I can feel the presence of God. When I pray to God I pray to Him like I talk to my best friend. I make sure I let God in my heart. When I let God into my heart that is when I truly feel the presence of God. The presence I feel in my heart lets me know that God is listening. It also lets me know that He will help me with whatever is thrown to me if I keep Him close in my heart. That is what Adoration means to me. (Samantha A.)

Adoration is prayer time. It is my time to talk to time to ask Him for help. I feel calm when I am in Adoration. The incense smells good. (Some people don't like the smell of the incense.) It is also so quiet...I can hear God's words so clearly. Adoration is a very calm place and Jesus is always with us. (Christian L.)

To me Adoration is praising Jesus for all He has done for us. During Adoration I use all of my senses. I use smell for the incense. I use sight because I'm focused on Jesus. I hear silence. I feel God's presence with me. This time is so peaceful. I feel so good inside because of this holy time. I also feel good because I'm praising God. I like it when Father comes down and talks about the Gospel. This helps me understand better what God is telling me. I show reverence when I genuflect on both knees. (Jake F.)

Adoration means that I get to kneel, adore and praise God. When I go to Adoration I can smell God. The incense opens me up and makes me feel holy. Also, I can feel God's presence in me. When I start to pray I get comforting and relaxing waves that move through my body. As I feel that I'm actually looking at part of God, Jesus' body. Adoration may be short but it helps me pray and love God. I love going to Adoration and praising my God. (Ben #3)

Adoration is fully adoring God. I adore Him with all five senses and mind, heart and soul. I praise God and listen to what He has to say. Adoration is the holiest of prayers and highest of praises. (Ben #2)

Adoration is special. I feel God's presence more strongly in Adoration. I feel peace, calmness and love. I feel important. I feel good. I know God is listening to me. It feels good to talk to Him in the silence of the church. I like going to Adoration to pray. It makes my day better. It helps me do my school work. Being with God is the best feeling there is in this world. I love God. (Kristen S.)

What does Adoration mean to me? Adoration means being in front of God, face-to-face. It means my soul is at peace. My senses are set on God, seeing God, smelling the incense, feeling God's presence, my soul tasting the salvation of God, and hearing nothing but my conversation between God and myself. If you are reading this I hope you will go to Adoration to experience God face-to-face. (Jamaica H.)

Adoration is important to me. I pray through petition and thanksgiving. I pray through His blessings, His gifts to us. I pray through taste every time I go up for Communion. I pray through sight. I pray through smell as I smell the incense and the candles. I pray all the time. (Brianna S.)

Adoration is a peaceful way to talk to and to praise God. Adoration is a great way to talk to God and do His will. Adoration is like a little spiritual journey that I take to speak to God. Adoration to me is a spiritual healing. It makes me calm, relaxed and sets my mind and heart on God. (Ashley K.)

Adoration to me means letting God know how I feel. I adore God and I want Him to know. During Adoration I genuflect on both knees and I bow to show my love to God. God is our Father and Jesus is our Savior. Isn't it right to show them our respect and to honor them? I talk to God about anything and He wants me to think of Him as my friend. Do you? Ask yourself this question. If your answer is, "No," it is never too late to ask Him to come into your life. Ask Him to be your friend. He will never turn away. Jesus has so many enemies. He wants you to be His friend. So call upon Him. (Taylor B.)


Gina Fleming said...

What beautiful testimonials to the power of Adoration...the power of Christ's life and love. I pray that these wonderful children of God continue to find tranquility and wisdom through Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament!

Julie Pitman said...

Sister Nicolette, you certainly inspire the students to be faithful servants. Their descriptions of adoration are so poetic, intoxicating. I can feel the weight of the silence and the smell of the incense. Thank you for sharing!

* It's an extra special touch to identify the Bens by their #1, #2, #3. :-)

Dorothy Kelly said...

WOW! I would love to publish their thoughts in the criterion. What a beatiful witness to their faith in the presence of the Lord. I'm sure many of their parents were not taught about Adoration because many of the parents of the youth I work with do not know what it is. I hope these 7th graders will share their beliefs with their parents and other adults in their lives. Thanks for sharing!!! Dorothy

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They where so good !
Thanks 7th grade !

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These are very cool. I hope our class will get to do this.


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These are very cool. I hope the eighth grade does as well.

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I hope the 8 grade can do a great job 2 just like the 7 grader's. See you in class.

From K. in 8 grade

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cant wait till ours! thanks sister!


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Sr. Nicolette , these are really great! Im looking forward too our eight grader's Writings about adoration ........ !!!! : D Your blogs and writings really ''stay'' with me...... They are wonderful continue to write... and I'll read.

Continuing to serve God always,

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who loves you......
God, Mary, Sr. Nicolette !


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nice job 7th grade. way to go jake

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I love all the writing about adoration.

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Thanks for posting my essay you do a great job with middle school. All the essays are great.

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these were the best out of all of them. i look forward to see the 8th
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i think these are wonderful, they make my week as wonderful as they can be!!
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those 7th graders are paeceful in life. so keep going. it keeps me in a good mood. very good people.
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hey those 7th graders are wonderful and paeceful i send one before but i can't stop talking about you . so keep it up. keep writing so i can read more peaceful things. i think you should write about {how God helps you)that would be prefect. it would be me

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great wirtings they made me think