Friday, October 17, 2008

How Do Middle School Students Feel About Adoration? Part 1

As you know in addition to being the vocation director for my community, I also have the delight of teaching middle school students religion. Every Thursday our parish has Adoration from 9:00-5:00. We also have Adoration every First Friday. Each week I take my Religion classes to church for a brief visit with Jesus. The following are some of their reflections on what Adoration means to them. You'll find that Jesus is quite evident in the lives of my students!

6th Graders
Adoration is loving Jesus, loving God, and serving his people. Thank you! (Alexa M.)

I think Adoration is an important ritual that praises God. This form of praise helps my friendship grow with God. (Taylor O.)

Adoration is all about praising God! The silence is so great. Seeing the Eucharist in the Monstrance makes me feel open to God. Adoration helps my friendship with Jesus. (Mark B.)

I think the Monstrance looks beautiful and Jesus is the center of our attention. Jesus and I get closer every time I go to Adoration. I like the silence. I love the reverence that everyone gives to Jesus at Adoration. (Elliott M.)

I think Adoration is a blessing from I've seen the light. My friendship is better with Jesus because I dedicate my life to him instead of just talking to him every now and then. (Peter O.)

Adoration means giving God a short moment out of my day for prayer with God the Father and His only son, Jesus. It's the highest form of praise given only to God. During Adoration I sit in church with a moment of silence giving respect and reverence towards God. This is one way my friendship with Jesus grows. (Matthew D.)

During Adoration I put so much love in trying to talk to God. It reminds me of Jesus' life. (Dereck S.)

Adoration is so beautiful. Just seeing Jesus come from the Tabernacle to the Monstrance is awesome. I think the silence is so sweet. I love going to Adoration. (Sara C.)

When Father puts the Eucharist in the Monstrance my friendship with Jesus is stronger. Adoration is when I talk to God. I sit in silence and think how God is great. When I smell the incense it makes me happy. (Austin B.)

Adoration is the highest form of prayer to give to God. Adoration makes me feel tranquil, mindful and happy. I find Adoration very important because I am talking to Jesus, which helps my friendship with Jesus. When I see Jesus in the Monstrance it makes me feel safe. (Jaylen M.)

During Adoration I feel like Jesus is talking to me. When Father takes the Eucharist out of the Tabernacle it feels like the world goes in slow motion. The world just drops silent. This helps my friendship with Jesus. Why? Because God and I are having a nice long talk in this frozen time of silence. It feels like in 15 minutes we talk for 15 hours. I feel like the incense is the breath of God breathing on me as He is talking to me. This is how it tightens my friendship with God. (Noah S.)

When I am in Adoration I feel like I am a step closer to Jesus. I adore God with all of my heart. I feel so peaceful, in the silence. Once during Adoration I had this moment where I had become better friends with Jesus and God. Don't most people become better friends by doing things together? Playing and talking are examples. But this is a different friendship, a sacred one. We become better friends by praying together. I feel that Adoration has the best effect on my life as possible...making friends with Jesus is the best ever. (Colin C.)

Adoration is a time when I ask God to forgive my sins. I also think that the Monstrance with the Eucharist in it is to help me talk to Jesus because He is right in front of me. When the incense is going it relaxes me and makes it easy to talk to God and praise Him. This helps my friendship because all I do is ask, talk, praise and listen to Jesus. (Zach L.)

A couple of days ago I went to Adoration. Adoration helps my friendship with God. It helps because it makes me believe in God even more and makes me want to go to Adoration a lot. It is so cool when I see the Eucharist in the Monstrance. I think Adoration helps me get closer to God. It is amazing seeing the Eucharist in the Monstrance above the Tabernacle. Jesus is so important and when I pray to Him it feels great. My favorite part about Adoraton...besides seeing when I am completely silent. (Hannah B.)

The quiet time with Jesus is my special devotion to Jesus. Adoration gives me a chance to ask for forgiveness. I pray that I can live a healthy, holy and gracious life with God. (Mitchell S.)


kathy said...

Wow! These students really "get" Adoration! What lovely souls they will develop as their relationship with Christ grows even more! And then if we could just take it one step further and realize that every one of our neighbors is like a living, breathing monstrance in Christ's presence that we should reverence just the same. Fantastic job guys!!!

Anonymous said...

Only a blessed teacher could help such young people understand Adoration in this beautiful way.
Thanks for teaching these beautiful Children of God.
Maryjo at HNS

Anonymous said...

Mitchell's was the greatist one i've ever seen. way to go mitchell

Anonymous said...

every ones was great.

Anonymous said...

Wow everyones was great i didnt have a favorite way to go you are awesome

Anonymous said...

All the sixth grade did great

Anonymous said...

these are beautiful, they are just wonderful such young children writing stuff this remarkable about God !!!!!!!!!!!

7th grade

from a child of God
and sr.nicolettes favorite student


Anonymous said...

Those were very nice. =]

keep up the good work 6th grade!
from M.L