Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Favorite Quotes from Volume One Part Six

In this post I continue to share with you some of my favorite quotes from Jesus taken from Volume One.  Quite honestly, all the quotes in Volume One are my favorite.  My hopes are that by sharing a few quotes with you, you will have the desire to read all the Volumes  as well.

I want My children to have spiritual discipline.  This means you practice your faith regardless of how you feel.  (p. 109) must complete your duties despite feelings of fatigue, boredom, and restlessness.  The enemy uses these feelings to persuade people that they should not serve their loved ones.  (p. 109)

Your duty is holy and in it you will find your find path to holiness.  (p.109)

The Good News must be shared with all souls.  What is the message, My children?  I want you to tell souls everywhere that Jesus loves them.  It is very simple.  I love them!  I want them to be with me.  
(p. 113-114)

My children rely too often on the thoughts of others.  Children, you must think for yourself.  The opinions of others are often flawed and have a worldly origin. Of what use is that to you?  I want you to spend your time quietly, as much as possible.  Focus your strength and energy on serving Me in your day.  (p. 117)

My children, you will recognize Me in your life when you begin to follow Me. Look for Me and My desires as you go through your day.  View everything as an opportunity for holiness.  View everything as an opportunity to be closer to Me.  (p. 119)

Read the Bible, My children, and you will come to know your God. He is all love. He sees to everything for you.  Life is intended to be simple, beautiful, and you are to be learning always.  (p. 119)

I offer something so sparkling, so eternal, and so pristine, that the soul longs for it.  I offer goodness and happiness.  I offer peace and above all I offer love.  My love is real.  (p. 123)


Heather said...

Sr. Nicolette,
Thanks for sharing your favorite qoutes on the blog. It was a great way to start the day. I think once you start reading these books, you can't stop. I am on volume three now. I particulary liked the last quote. It is so true once you start seeking God with all that you, your soul just continues to crave that love, peace, and grace that only comes from our Heavenly Father. Peace on your day.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sister Nicolette,
The quotes are powerful and the image even more so! Thanks for taking the time to share.