Thursday, October 2, 2008

Feast of the Guardian Angels

Today is the feast of the Guardian Angels.  My 7th graders have agreed to write poems about this beautiful feast! Enjoy.

Guardian Angel,
You guide me every minute,
I love you so much!
(7th Grade Class)

You are in my heart,
You are always by my side,
Don't ever leave me.
(Lucy M.)

Guardian Angel,
You watch over me,
You are here every day,
Your love is so deep,
You guide me throughout the day,
I will always keep believing!
(Gabby S.)

Guardian angel,
protect me for all my life,
Come and pray with me!
(Christian L.)

Guardian Angel, here you are,
In the night, when I fear, you are close to me ever so dear.
Or in the day time of my life, you are beside me guiding me with no trace.
We all know you are here, guide me to heaven while we are still here.
(Jamaica H.)

Guardian Angel,
Thank you, Guardian Angel,
For protecting me!
(Jake. F)

Guide and Love Me,
For I know that you are near,
You are always there when I fear.
You take me through my days,
With all your loving ways.
You keep me close in your heart,
Nothing will ever keep us apart!
(Samantha A.)

Guardian Angel,
I love you,
Thank you so much for looking out for me.
It's like someone is giving me their hand and
helping me up through the badness in life.
You help me sin less.
When I fall, you my Guardian Angel are there for me.
When I'm sad or not feeling good I feel you there and
I can feel you kiss my cheek.
And at night I know I am not alone, even if I sin.
Thank you so much for being my Guardian Angel.
I love you in my heart.
I always feel you, and that's why I smile all the time.
I know that you will never forget me and I will never forget you!
(Nikki D.)

You are my Guardian Angel, you guide me through everything,
You help me through all.
I can't see you but you are there, right beside me.
The happy and the sad, the easy and the rough,
You are my Guardian Angel, and I'm glad you are there.
You help me with every step I take, every decision I make,
You are there!
(Kaitlin O.)

Oh Guardian Angel,
Dear loving guide,
Show me the way,
Please do not hide,
Stay by my side,
In darkness and light.
You will be there with me,
Through the night.
(Taylor B.)

My Guardian Angel so kind and dear,
You are always near.
You are pure love from above.
I thank God who gave you to me.
So now I wish to thank you on your Feastday.
(Ben #1)

Guardian Angel,
You help me to do my best,
Don't ever leave me.
(Elizabeth G.)

Guardian Angel.
You guide me always through and through,
You are always with me, too.
Thank you so much!
(Ben #2)

I feel your presence,
Keep me out of the darkness,
I am safe with you.
(Emily P.)

Guardian Angel,
You are never far away,
Stay with me always.
(Josh C.)

Guardian Angel,
Please come to me in comfort,
I will wait for you.
(Deven L.)

I have an angel,
My angel is watching over me,
My angel loves me.
(Kristen S.)

Guardian Angel,
You are my helper from above,
I love you.
You help me each and every day.
You help me over my tears,
You keep me happy and joyful,
For that, I leave you space and love,
I will give a heart to love,
and a feast day from above.
(Tristan M.)

Angel of Jesus,
Guide me.
You are like my Savior,
Trust in me always.
(Kristen N.)

Keep me in your mind,
Please never leave me behind.
Keep me in your mind and I will pray,
That you are with me every day.
Guardian Angel be with me,
With your help I will see,
The way to the light,
So I will be with God for all my life!
(Ashley K.)

Guardian Angel,
Give me the strength to serve God,
With you I won't fail.
(Joseph E.)

In the night,
I'm not alone.  
My guardian angel,
looks after me!
(Brianna S.)


Sr. Nicolette Etienne, OSB said...

Fantastic work 7th Graders! May your Guardian Angels continue to guide you to our God in everything you do.
Sr. Nicolette

Mrs. S said...

You rock, 7th Grade! Keep up the wondeful work.

Dorothy Kelly said...

HOW BEAUTIFUL ARE YOUR PRAYEERS! I am going to print them and share with my 7th and 8th grade religious education youth. You show great love for your guardian angels, as we all should, and by loving them you are loving God abundantly. GREAT WORK 7TH GRADE!!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice job 7th Grade! You can tell you put a lot of thought into your poems.

Anonymous said...

Hey sister Nioclete its someone from Holy Name School. I love you so much your my favorite. Thank you so much for puting my Guardian Angel thing.

Anonymous said...

Way to go 7th Graders. I love all of thfe pomes. Grate job.