Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vocation Essay by Colin C. 7th Grade

How do priests, deacons and religious brothers and sisters, by their life and ministry, invite others to come and see Christ and discover their own vocations?

Everyone in the Church has their own part when it comes to living their lives for Christ. Some are the Catechists who teach others about Christ, while others are the Catechumen, those who receive the teachings of Christ. Everyone has a role, whether it is as student or teacher, and we all share the common goal of living our lives for Christ. Priests, deacons, brothers, and sisters are those who are called to teach because God has called them to, which are often referred to as vocations. For those who hear this calling, God is the focus in all that they do.

Priests are invited by God, to serve the mass and change the bread and wine, into the Body and Blood. Brothers and Sisters are invited by God to teach at schools and spread the good news of God. They devote their lives to serving God, and spreading his teachings. They live in Monasteries, where they pray and reflect on all they have done, and strive to do their best to serve God.

We can also spread the word of God. By going to Confession, receiving the Eucharist, and trying to see and show God’s love through our actions, we can also work to show others God’s love. He formed each and every one of us on earth, and we can actively participate in the Mass and listen to God’s teachings so we can grow in his image and be the best that we can. We can resist temptation and sin and only do what is right and just. All of these things will help us grow in God’s image. It will help us be the best we can be. Everyone around us, especially priests, deacons, brothers, and sisters, can show us the way leading to God through their devotion to God and their responding to His call to serve.

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