Monday, February 8, 2010

Vocation Essay by Austin B. 7th Grade

How do priest, deacons, and religious brothers and sister by their life and ministry invite others to come and see Christ and discover their own vocation?

There are lots of ways these special people show their faith and spread the good news of God. I believe you are called to the vocation as a young child.

Priest: They show their love and faith through God’s word. Priests spread the good news of God by spending their adult life by learning the teaching of God. They share what they have learned with the congregation in a way for all of us to understand. They invite the community to come and listen and be a part of the Holy Catholic Faith. Priests also make time to go to hospitals, nursing homes, or wherever they are needed. They read the Bible to anyone that is interested in God. They give Jesus’ body and blood to those who are too ill to come to mass. They prepare men and women for marriage, and talk to individuals who are interested in joining the church.

Deacons: Deacons show their faith much as a priest does. A deacon assists the priest at the altar, and is a stepping stone to becoming a priest himself. The deacon is a respected position in the Catholic Church. Deacon’s ministers to the poor, the aged, the sick as well as prisoners. Deacons participate in programs dealing with community problems.

Sisters: Sisters show their faith in all types of ways. There are many different religious orders a woman can enter. Each order has a special meaning and task. Sisters, like priests, show their love for God and devote their lives to God. Most people do not have the ability to be as strong and faithful as a nun. Nuns show unconditional love for the community. Some nuns are teachers, and some are nurses, these types of work show their love for people.

(Austin B. 7th)

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Anonymous said...

Austin, you believe that one is called as a child. Have you been called? Perhaps more have been called and just weren't ready or able to hear the call. Maybe with all of us praying for those being called and those who have already answered the call, we can show our love and support in return for all the priests, sisters, and deacons do for us.