Wednesday, November 25, 2009

6th Graders' reflections on 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 Part 3

Love is when your best friend is heartbroken and you both stay up all night crying and giving each other advice to get through it. Love is when you help someone and when you are finished you can see the tears in their eyes and your heart starts to cry. What is love to me? Love is when you can trust and respect other people.
(Alyssa H.)

Love, what is it? It is an emotion that God gave us. God wants us to love one another just as He loves us. God always cares for us. Love never fails. Love is kind, and bears all things. Love has kindness because God created love. Love is in our hearts and souls. Love is trust: when people are committed to each other. Love is when everyone has feelings for each other. Most importantly, God is love!
(Jacob G.)

Love, the kindness of others, truthful, passion. Love is many things, but there is one great word that describes love...GOD! You may find someone to love or always have love for your family. To show love, you must be hopeful, passionate and have belief and be truthful. When that love for someone stays in your heart for parents, siblings, your soul mate, and friends all the way to your death...that is true love. God is love!
(Max V.)

Love is not the kind of thing that fails. Love is patient and not pompous. Love is kind...not rude. Love is more than all these things. More than anything God is love. Nobody should have love fail. The two things that make up the world are God and love.
(Jonathon C.)

Love is when a big brother or sister tries to help you with your homework. It is when you take care of somebody in need.
(Brad M.)

Love is what makes the world go round! We need love like we need air. Without love we would be filled with hate and jealousy. Love is what makes every living, God loving, great person sing and be happy. We need love like we need family, friends and air!
(McKenzie B.)


Anonymous said...

Dear Sister Nicolette,
Your students have expressed themselves with some amazing insights! Thanks for posting their reflections.

gfleming said...

Dear Sr. Nicolette and Sixth Graders, It is clear that you recognize God's love as being the source of all goodness, grace, and care. Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts!