Thursday, November 12, 2009

6th Graders' reflections on 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 Part 1

I have yet been able to thank God enough for the gift of being a teacher. If my Benedictine Sisters didn't have to eat, use electricity, etc. I would insist on teaching for free. I can't think of any other ministry I could possible do that would draw me deeper into the heart of our sweet Jesus...again I say thank you! I want to share with you the fruits of my 6th graders' Lectio experiences. We prayed with the text from 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. Enjoy!

Love is when a mother delivers a baby and holds it in her arms. Love is when a father teaches his child to ride a bike. Love is when someone finds their other half, and decides to spend the rest of their lives together. Love is many things. What I really think love the little miracles and acts done by people that choose to do them out of the love in their heart.
(Austin M.)

Sometimes we hear so much about love that we forget what love is...but God is love. The only true way to know what love to believe in God...God will always show you. You have love when you do not brood over injury, get jealous, or have a quick temper. Love has many powers including kindness, patience...LOVE NEVER FAILS! GOD IS LOVE!
(Jordon S.)

Love to me means something like my family. Sometimes we get along...but sometimes we don't. But, when I need my family I know that LOVE never fails! Love is always in my heart when I need it. Love is in heaven, our minds and in everyone. Love is God. God gave us his only son to die for us...not a fast death but a slow and painful death...Jesus did this for everyone. God is Love!
(Mason C.)

Love is when parents give time to their child or children. When they teach them how to do the things they need to do. Love is is also respectful.
(Jade L.)

What is love? Love is devotion in loving God. Love is helping others when they need help. Love is the money you give to the one on the sidewalk who is in need and you don't even know them. GOD IS LOVE!
(Dolan M.)

Love is a great thing! Love to me is a family, with hopes and cares. It is also like a child finding a new best friend. Two people who decide to spend their lives together. Love is when people help each other through struggles. Love is everything, but, mainly, God and all the good people do and say every day. Love is true because it never fails!
(Sarah F.)

Love is kind and patient. It is not jealous. It is something never fails. Love is not rude. I think love is the best feeling you can have. I feel it when my dad comes home from work and I give him a big hug. It is a good thing that a husband and wife share. It's that one special moment when a bride walks down the aisle with her dad and they hug right before her dad places her hand in the hand of the groom. The dad lets her go with tears of love and joy in their eyes. That is what love is.
(Sarah J.)

I may not be patient all the time...but love is patient. I know my parents are love because they taught me all things. They are patient with me when I don't understand something. They never let me love never fails. My parents believe in does love. LOVE NEVER FAILS!
(Mia R.)


Anonymous said...

The love paragraphs are really good!!

McKenzie B.

Anonymous said...

I love all of the essays....they are awesome! LOVE NEVER FAILS!!!!

Sarah F. :)

Anonymous said...

love the essays they are true and will always be

Adrienne Heckler ;)

Anonymous said...

Dear Sister Nicolette,
Thanks for posting your students' thoughts. They touched my heart!