Wednesday, November 18, 2009

6th Graders' reflections on 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 Part 2

Love is a big part of life! Everyone needs love. If people don't have love, they don't have Christ. Always be true to yourself and God. Never lie. Love is all of your surroundings. Love is in friendships. Love is in a family. Love is every where. You always need to share the love you have. (Madison B.)

If you don't have love you gain nothing. Love is patient. You need to have patience to have love. Love is not pompous. You should not be pompous. If you really have love you would show it. Showing it is the best way to teach it! Love never fails. (Ashley P.)

God is love. Without His love, all of us would do wrong. That's not what love is about. Love is not rude. Love never fails. Love is like a family that helps another family with troubles. A mom taking care of her son after he fell off his bike and giving him a kiss is an example of love. A man and a woman taking a chance on love...
(Shelby C.)

Love is kind and patient. Love is something that never gives up. Love never ever fails. Love bears, believes, hopes and endures all things. God is love. Love is caring. Love is sweet. Love is trustworthy. Love is all these things and more.
(Emily B.)

Love, love cannot be directly named. Love is many things. Friends and family share their love. Love is when the person next to you cheers you up when you are having a bad day. When your brother or sister gives you a hug when they wake up. Love, love cannot be directly named...Love never fails!
(Darcie S.)

What is love? Love is something you don't mess with because, God gave it to us. We can use it in the right way if a relative is injured or is sick and they can't talk. God is nothing but love. God is not mean or bad. God can only love because that is all He is made out of!
(Gabe L.)

Love is being kind to someone. You love your parents, grandparents and God. You can love everything that God created. God loves us all and we love God. When we love someone...the love never fails. It is like a mom touching her children at night and telling them that she loves them. It is like a dad who takes his child to a game and he tells him that he loves him. God is love!
(Koy P.)

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Dear Sister Nicolette,
I enjoyed reading your students' reflections. Thanks for posting them.