Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Commentary for the First Sunday of Lent by Sr. Pamela Kay Doyle, OSB

Repent, and believe in the Gospel!

Repent. Believe.  Jesus states it very plainly to us.  Repent. Believe.  Powerful words, words not denoting action but demanding action, words in which we are called to live!

But how?  Repent:  The list is so  long!  Believe:  Of course!  Don't we all? But how?  Let us turn to our Holy Father, St. Benedict.

In Chapter 4 of the Holy Rule, The Tools of Good Works, Benedict shares with us ways in which we may live this Gospel message of "Repent, and believe in the Gospel."

Repent:  Never do to another what  you do not want done to yourself.
Believe:  You must honor everyone.
Repent:  Renounce yourself in order to follow Christ.  Do not pamper yourself.
Believe:  Discipline your body.  Love fasting.
Repent:  Rid your heart of all deceit.  Never give a hollow greeting of peace.
Believe:  Relieve the lot of the poor.  Go to help the troubled and console the sorrowing.
Repent:  Never turn away when someone needs your love.
Believe:  Love your enemies.
Repent:  You must not be proud.
Believe:  Place your hope in God alone.
Repent:  Every day with tears and sighs, confess your past sins to God in prayer and change from these evil way.
Believe:  Listen readily to holy reading, devote yourself often to prayer, and never lose hope in God's mercy.

Throughout this Lent may God grant us the graces of repentance, and may we be filled with great love and hope at the promise of Easter joy!

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Anonymous said...

What a fantastic commentary! Thank you for sharing your spiritual wisdom with us!