Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Commentary for the 7th Sunday of Ordinary Time by Sr. Mildred Wannemuehler, OSB

In reading Mark's Gospel today, many thoughts came across my mind.  Two thoughts stood out and I'd like to reflect on them with you.

1.  In the story in Mark's Gospel, the friends of the paralytic brought him to Jesus.  Jesus saw THEIR FAITH.  Because of THEIR FAITH, He cured the man.  I find myself thinking about all the people I (or we) pray for each day.  How much faith is behind those prayers?  Do we really believe that God will cure those we pray for?  I'm not sure I think of my faith as that important.  Maybe I need to work on my faith. We recall the value of faith, hope and love we professed at our Baptism.  Maybe it is awareness or being awake that I need to focus on.  How many times we hear Jesus say, "Your faith has saved you."  My faith will also save others.  With Lent coming, a season of springtime growth will be a good time for us to work on our soil...renew our faith.  Thus we will be able to bring many to Christ to be cured.

2.  The other words in today's Gospel that struck me were Jesus' words:  "What is easier to say, 'Your sins are forgiven' or to say 'Rise, pick up your mat and walk?'  This is a message that is easy to forget.  God's forgiveness is so freeing and powerful that it truly can be experienced as a healing.  We read a similar theme in Isaiah's, the first reading.  There are many times that we witness forgiving as a healing for the individual in daily life.  I think this Gospel is a good one for us to reflect on.

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