Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jesus' January Message

Each month, Anne, a lay apostle, receives a message from Jesus. This is the message for January. To read more about the locutions Anne receives from Jesus and His Blessed Mother click on this link: Direction For Our Times

Dear apostles, today I wish to bring you heavenly encouragement. You often feel the opposite of encouragement, that is, discouragement. While this experience of discouragement is an unavoidable part of your time on earth, I want you to be aware of My presence in this cross. Talk to Me about your feelings of discouragement and you will move through these periods safely and more comfortably. If you talk to Me, you will be better able to understand that your discouragement comes from your humanity and not from heaven. In other words, feelings of discouragement are not accurate reflections of heaven’s feelings about you, your service or your effectiveness. It could be that all is going perfectly with you from heaven’s perspective, and yet, you are unaware of this for many reasons. Perhaps we are allowing a cross of suffering for you to bring benefits to you and to the world. You feel this as discouragement and yet heaven is not discouraged. Indeed, it is often the case that heaven is pleased with your faithfulness in the face of your cross. Human discouragement must be viewed with Me, Jesus, so that its cause and benefit can be understood. As an example, someone suffering in their body with sickness or limitation can justly understand their struggle with discouragement. An apostle struggling in this way can accept that he is both receiving graces himself and obtaining graces for others. Beloved apostles, allow Me into your struggle. It will become lighter. I will keep you encouraged if you remain united to Me.

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sharon ruth said...

Thank you for those words of encouragement. I'm an Episcopal priest, rector of a parish in N. Georgia. I think I'm being called to explore the idea of being an oblate in a Benedictine order. When I lived in Ohio, I would spend retreat time at St. Gregory's Abbey in Three Rivers. But I haven't been back since I moved south.

May God bless your work and continue to bless us through you!