Sunday, January 4, 2009

Epiphany Canticles by Sr. Mary Margaret Funk, OSB

Sr. Mary Margaret wrote the canticles for our Divine Office for the Feast of the Epiphany.  I will share her beautiful words with you.

Evening Praise I
     To see a light is to distinguish darkness and declare the shadows only background to relieve truth from captivity.
     To see life in the light of Christ coming into this world relates the whole cosmos with its original order, magnificent truth and eternal beauty.
     To follow a star is to walk proudly, mindful that this earth and these times are holy.

Morning Praise
A star:  No wise one would trek a desert on camelback just moving skyward after some twinkling light.  No believer would bring savings, possessions and new worth to give to a poor child.  No traveler would move toward the poor, lower class and uneducated to seek fortune, fame, and security...unless...that light, that poor human was the CHRIST!

Evening Praise II
     Epiphany shows a sleepy world that Christmas is not stillborn or a crib feast to remain in gift shops and cultural miniatures.
     Epiphany is a bold eastern feast of symbol and connectedness to Christ's ongoing life of preaching and healing.
     Though gifts were brought, the favor sought was peace before nations began to dominate.
     We kneel today; homage is fitting.  One star more than galaxies enlightens us:  Born is the Christ!

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