Friday, May 16, 2008

Steps to becoming a Benedictine Sister Part Three: Postulancy

The postulancy is a period of eight months to one year.  The postulant enters the community generally in September, and begins to live the Benedictine way of life on a daily basis.  A ceremony after evening prayer on the day of her entrance marks her acceptance by the community.  This time is a tremendous opportunity for the postulant to get to know the community in a much deeper way. It is also a chance for the community to see how the postulant acclimates herself to her new surroundings.  The postulant does not work outside the monastery during this time and performs tasks in the monastery and in the two corporate ministries of the sisters, St. Paul Hermitage and the Benedict Inn Retreat & Conference Center. She also attends classes pertaining to the monastic life in addition to various other classes.  The postulant meets weekly with her formation director who helps her ease into the monastic practices and schedule.  The postulant retains her own money and is responsible for any bills incurred prior to her entrance and while she is a postulant.  After a period of approximately eight months she may seek permission from the Prioress and the Monastic Council to continue her journey and go on to the next step as a novice.

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