Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Life at the Monastery

Yesterday we welcomed six little goslings close to the entrance of our monastery. Gladys, the proud mother, is very protective of her little ones and keeps us at a distance.  Cyril, the father, who has been close by the entire waiting period, must be out spreading the good news because we have not seen him since the birth.  Sr. Jennifer Mechtild and I have taken it upon ourselves to give them solid Benedictine names. They are:  Gertrude, Scholastica, Hildegard, Mechtild, Benedicta and Walburga.  

For a month the sisters have been watching, at a distance, and anticipating this miracle of new life.  It has been a joy watching the sisters as they journeyed with Gladys through this special time.  We will miss our daily visits with Gladys when she leaves.  But we can count on her return next spring when she begins this process all over again.

Gladys reminds us of a mother's love as she nurtures, protects and loves her little ones.  It also reminds us of God's great love for each of us.  God nurtures, protects and loves us into life, Alleluia!


Anonymous said...

they are so cute

kellyfamilyties said...

Dear Nicolette, I finally read the blog. I only have read one of te biographies, but I like the idea. I will share this with my brother, daughter and Jan. Have a good summer. I have two more days. I am thinking so much about my teaching purpose. Love, Ann Arbuckle

mrsfitz said...

I guess you don't have to be Katrina refugees to be taken care of by the sisters!
Missing you all very much!

The Fitzpatricks
New Orleans, LA