Monday, May 5, 2008

A Commentary for Ascension Sunday by Sr. Pamela Kay Doyle, OSB

Go. Observe. Teach. Baptize. Grow. Follow. Edify. Call.  
We have been commissioned.
In Matthew's Gospel, the eleven disciples are gathered; Jesus knows that he must take his leave from his earthly home to go to his heavenly home.  Jesus knows, too, that the work on earth is not finished.  For this moment he has prepared his friends.  It was to be a moment of ending, and a greater moment of beginning.  Before he returns home, Jesus gives instructions to each of them. Before he returned home, Jesus gave instructions to each of us.
God and grow.  Do not remain static.  Expand your mind, your heart, your love of one another.
Observe and follow.  Practice living the Ten Commandments; practice living the Beatitudes, practice living the forgiveness and mercy of God.
Teach and edify.  Through word and deed share with others the love of Christ.  Share the peace that Christ bestows to each of us.
Baptize and call.  Bring others into the fold.  Bring others in so that they too may be brought more fully into the Family of God.
We have been commissioned by Christ, no differently than when Jesus spoke to the Eleven on the mountain in Galilee.  The mission is still the same, "make disciples of all nations."
Jesus knew then, and Jesus knows now the road ahead of us.  And soon, he will send an Advocate in his place.  He will not leave us alone.
Matthew chooses these words to end his Gospel, "And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age."  

And behold, GO, OBSERVE, TEACH, BAPTIZE:  and know that Jesus is always and eternally with you.

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