Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Vocation Essay by Taylor O'Neil, 7th Grade

Priests, deacons, religious brothers, and sisters are very important. Everyday these people build God's Kingdom. They teach us God’s ways. God created us and this Earth because He has never ending love for us; God will always be with us even when we think we're alone. To me it’s very important because by them teaching us we grow closer to God and closer to living an Eternal life with Him in Heaven.

Priests are very good people to learn about God. Priests introduce God to his people and his people to God. A great way to learn about God is going to Mass and listening to the priest preach about God. Everyday priests set wonderful examples that make us closer to God. They dress appropriate, do not engage in sexual intercourse, do not do crime, or anything else unholy. Most of us would like to follow their example and do nothing unholy.

Deacons cannot do as much as a priest can, but, they help spread the word of God. Deacons serve in many ministries. Deacons do not get paid for their ministry to the church; they do this out of their love of God and for the Church.

Religious Brothers are not priests and cannot do as much as a priest can either, but they can make us closer to God and His Kingdom. Religious Sisters also cannot become priests because of their gender, but they still help out with building God's Kingdom. Brothers and sisters preach the word of God and guide us in our lives. How they can preach to God's people is by helping out in organizations or getting jobs as religion teachers.

God gave us free will to make our own choices. It is our choice to choose the right path: Will you choose to follow God or live without Him? We must take him into our hearts and love him endlessly and with the help of the Priests, Deacons, and Religious Brothers and Sisters, they can help us.

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Anonymous said...

Sister Nicolette,
Thanks for posting Taylor's essay. I love her last sentence..."We must take Him into our heart and love Him endlessly."