Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Vocation Essay by Nick K., 8th Grade

How do Priest, Deacons and other Religious Brothers and Sisters listen to the call of God? By knowing, loving and serving God and God’s people. They also pray to God. They don’t pray that they’ll be able to get a new car or a new house, they pray for everyone else but themselves. Religious leaders sacrifice for everyone else. Someone who is a good example of that is my Religion teacher, Sister Nicolette. She is very selfless as she serves God and all of us here at Holy Name. She does all of these things and teaches us to be more Christ-like and teaches us about faith. She sees God in everyone and teaches us how to see that as well. Sister Nicolette, without knowing it, teaches us how to be like her. By listening to the call of God we are also loving and serving God’s people.

What is God calling you to? A lot of people are called to different things. Some people could be called to be a Priest or a Sister. But some people could be called to do a lot of different things. Some are called to be nurses, like my sister Breana. Some are called to be football or baseball players. Others answer their calling to God just by going to Mass every week or just by being a great mom or dad.

As I get older, I’ll figure out what my calling is. But right now, I don’t know. Some people don’t know until they get older. I don’t think God wants you to know what your calling is until you’re older, because He wants you to experience life and the different callings there are. But I know God has a plan for me.

Those who avoid God’s calling don’t always make good decisions. They don’t listen to God when He’s telling them how to love and serve God’s people. Since they ignore God, negative thoughts and images take over and they end up ignoring God. That leads to bad decisions and can impact everyone around them. Some people never hear God’s calling, but sometimes it just takes a long time for people to turn to God and let God help turn their lives around. I know God has a plan for everyone and even if it takes a long time. God will forgive us and help us serve His people because He is forgiving and loves all of His children.

Even though everyone has a calling to God, it’s not always obvious so we have to search within ourselves and listen to our religious leaders for guidance. They can help us find our way to God. Our religious leaders help guide us by setting good examples and making good decisions. They show us compassion and how to care about others and their needs. They also show us how to help ourselves and others find our own calling. Sometimes people find their calling without even realizing it.

I’m a very lucky person to have such great religious leaders around me everyday. I believe this was part of God’s calling for me. When I’m older and I look back on my own religious experiences, I will always remember my religious leaders and how they impacted me and led me to be a better person, son, brother and Catholic. I’m a better person who is learning how to love and serve God’s people.

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