Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Vocation Essay by Kaitlin O., 8th Grade

How do priest, deacons and religious brothers and sisters by their life and ministry invite others to come and see Christ and discover their own vocations?

Anyone can help us hear God’s call…But, people who have totally devoted their lives to God encourage me to live my life more holy. They show that they only need God in their life, and that they know that he is always watching over them. They are the ones who inspire me to love God and devote my life to Him.

Everyone is important to the church, but without priest we wouldn’t be able to receive our daily body of Christ. Priests give everything they have to God, they teach people that you don’t need anything else in life but to know, love and serve God and his people.

It is also good to follow in the footsteps of religious women. Nuns aren’t allowed to lead the liturgy but they teach us that God has given us everything we have like family and friends, and most of all how His son, Jesus, died for us so we could live our life following His footsteps.
I think many people spend their entire life trying to find that one special gift that God has given them. We just have to pray every day hoping that we find it. He is calling everyone in a different way, but we also have to work to find what God is calling us to do.

Priest, deacons and religious brothers and sisters have helped me realize that God is the most important person in my life. They have inspired me to fully devote my life to God and to hear His call to me. But the truth is anyone can help us hear God’s call. But we have to do a little searching ourselves.

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