Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Vocation Essay by Matthew D. 7th Grade

Priests, deacons, and religious brothers and sisters, using what they have learned by their life and ministry, invite others to share in the teachings of Christ using the examples they set. When good examples are set they are showing us what they have learned and telling us of what we will learn.

During his time on earth, Christ was always doing what he thought was best for others, not himself. Through his preaching of good news and miracles of all sorts we are inspired to live life as Christ did. What our brothers and sisters of Christ are trying to do is help us to live like Christ. Through all they do, whether if it’s praying the rosary, reading the Bible, or going to church, just like Christ, they inspire us to be the best we can be.

When we do hateful things such as hurting others and disobeying our parents and guardians we are not only ignoring others, we are ignoring Christ as well. This weakens our relationship with Christ. That is why we have these religious brothers and sisters: to deepen our faith in God and to help us live a healthy relationship with Christ and all his children.

They are also here to help us find our vocation in life. A vocation is a calling from God to do or say something that will bring others closer to Christ. For example, some people are called to serve in the military, some are called to be teachers, and some are called to dedicate their lives to God. Whatever the vocation, it is important because just remember, it is what God called you to be.

A vocation could be anything from a firefighter to a policeman. You won’t really know until it is time, but no matter what, all vocations have a meaning, all vocations help others in some way, and all vocations are sent from God.

God sends these vocations for one reason and that is to get across to us what our true callings in life are. When we fulfill these callings we are preaching the good news. That is why religious brothers and sisters are here to help us with. Whether if it reading the Bible, praying a prayer/rosary, or going to church, brothers and sisters inspire us to follow our one main vocation: to know, love, and serve God.

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Anonymous said...

Sister Nicolette,
Thanks for posting Matthew's essay. I love at the beginning how he used the words, "religious invite others to share in the teachings of Christ." He sure demonstrated a deep understanding of what vocations are all about!