Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vocation Essay

How do priests, deacons, and religious brothers and sisters help us to hear God’s call in our life?

They teach us the way to eternal happiness, to everlasting peace. They take us by the hand the way a loving mother would take her children. They help us understand what God’s wants us to do in our life, and they help us develop our conscience. They spend their life going to mass and praying to God. They also model the life God wants us to live.

All of these religious leaders use their valuable time to help us better understand Jesus. They come to church daily and pray. They can only do so much for us. We need to take charge of our own lives. We need to use what they taught us to become better Christian children. We need to do what we can to relate their teachings to real life.

I believe what Fr. Eric Johnson said, “Whether married, single, deacon, priest, or religious, our vocation in life is to Christ’s word of salvation and promise. It is a call that leads us into deeper knowledge, love, and service of God, and summons us to the love and service of others.”
God calls us and wants us to believe and trust in him like we would our parents, or our friends. We need to answer God’s call to us and we need to answer his loving question, “Will you follow me and become a servant of my children?”

If you look in the bible you will see Jesus was a good example to us. If we follow in his footsteps we can reach our potential in life.

Sr. Mary Cecile’s life was a good example to us on how to live our own life. She was a very loving and guiding person. She was in an intimate relationship with Jesus, the son of God. She was the Spiritual Director. Sr. Mary Cecile was in ministry for 61 years. She became a nun in 1945, but even before that she served God ever since she was a little girl.

Taylor B. 7th Grade

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