Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Vocation Essay

Hearing God's call

How do Priest, Deacons and other religious Brothers and Sisters listen to the call of God? I think they listen to God’s call by doing their job by loving and serving God’s people. They also pray to God a lot. Someone who is a good example of that is my Religion teacher, Sister Nicolette. She does all of these things and teaches us to be more Christ-like. We pray all the time in class. Another good example of this is Father Jenkins. He is a really cool guy; he does a lot of activities, like hunting. He doesn’t get to be our priest very often, but I like it when he does.

What is God calling you to? A lot of people are called to different things. Some people could be called to be a Priest or a Sister. But some people could be called to do a lot of different things, such as being a football player, baseball player etc. Some people answer their calling to God just by going to Mass every week.

I really don’t know what my calling to God in life is yet. Some people don’t know until they get older. I don’t think God wants you to know what your calling is until you’re older, because if you’re too young, he doesn’t want to confuse you.

Some people avoid the call of God by doing the opposite of what God tells them because their head is filled with negative thoughts, disgusting images and by cursing. Sometimes it takes something bad to happen to turn around the way some people think. This could be their calling from God.

When you don’t listen to the call of God, I think he gets upset at you because that was his plan for you in life. Everyone has a calling to God, but sometimes it is not as obvious as it is to others so they have to search longer and harder to find their calling to God.

Nick K. 7th Grade

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