Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Vocation Essay

Hearing God's Call

Priests, deacons, brothers, sisters and all our religious people help us hear God's call in many different ways. One way of life is by becoming a priest. Priests are consecrated men who minister the Sacraments. They run parishes and help around the community. When I think of hearing God's call, I think about the homilies at mass. This to me is how I hear God's call because the priest is explaining the reading of the day. This is not the only way priest help us hear God's call. They give advice to those who need it and give special classes for people who need help. Now there is a shortage of priests in the world. We need more young men to consider priesthood. If we do not have enough priests we will lose many parishes for the lack of priests.
Another group religious men who help us hear God's call are Deacons. Deacons are men who are getting ready to become priests. They study and pray about this for a long time to make sure they make the right decision. They help teach us our faith and will soon one day be ordained a priest who will then give us the Body and Blood of Christ at the Liturgy.
Although priests and deacons are for men, women can become sisters. Men also can join a community and become brothers. They, too, help us hear the call of God in many different ways. They are groups of either men or women who live together in monasteries. They take the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. They cannot receive income but if they do it goes to their community to take care of their living expenses. Chastity is a promise not to engate in sexual activity. They can not marry. Last obedience is a promise to go where ever their Abbot or Prioress tells them to go. Sisters and Brothers help us hear God's call in many different ways we don't even know about. Some live their entire lives praying for people who need God's help. Others spend their lives being teachers, nurses, or other types of community workers.
There are many other ways that priest, deacons, brothers and sisters help us hear God's call. We should all consider the call to religious life.
John T. 8th Grade

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