Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Vocation Essay

Hearing God’s Call
God calls everyone to love him and to serve his people. Priests, Deacons, and religious brothers and sisters each help us do this in so many different ways.

First, priests and deacons probably help us the most by leading each and every mass with a strong devotion to God. They also teach us God’s call in every homily they preach. Another good thing about priests and deacons is that they are always willing to talk with you about anything. Another way they help us is through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. We confess our sins to the priest who gives them to God so that we can live a holy life and go on and follow God’s call.

Next we have religious brothers and sisters. They also play a big role in teaching us God’s call. A big portion of them help by going to schools and spreading the word of God. They spread the word of God by telling us what we, Catholics, are supposed to do in order to get into heaven. They teach us things about our religion like; what makes us different from other religions, all the religious holidays and what they really celebrate, how Jesus grew up and praised his Father, our Father, by doing all what is good, and much more. They also have prayer services where they pray for everyone. Praying for someone is also another way to love them which is part of God’s vocation. Religious brothers and sisters are the branches on God’s tree, and we are just the leaves. It is up to us to decide, with our God given free will, if our seeds will grow big and strong to be like God or if they will rot and turn away from God.

It is important that we remember these types of people. They teach us to listen, call us to service and witness to the God that calls each of us by name. Their vocation reminds us of the importance of discovering and living out our own. So we shall always remember to love God and serve God’s people.

Tommy B. 8th Grade

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Gina Kuntz Fleming said...

So pleased to read the works of Holy Name students! They certainly have a wonderful Religion teacher to guide the way! God bless you all!