Saturday, March 7, 2009

Be Perfect Just Like Your Heavenly Father

This morning while I was engaged in my Lectio time, I was struck, as I am every time I come across these words from St. Matthew's Gospel,

"So be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect."

How is one to be perfect just as our heavenly Father? As I continued to reflect and pray I came across a quote from St. John of the Cross. It is short but to the point.

"God measures our perfection neither by the multitude nor the magnitude of our deeds, but by the manner in which we perform them."

Being perfect is more about attitude than the deed itself. Today as I continue to discern with my sisters who would best serve us as Prioress I am going to be mindful of my attitude. I want to serve with love and joy. Will I be perfect like my heavenly Father? I can only strive for such greatness. Knowing that God is always right there with me helping me be the person I'm called to be gives me the strength to be the person I'm called to be.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sister Nicolette,
Thanks for sharing your reflection on the quotation from St. John of the Cross, I have always seen you with Jesus at your side.