Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sr. Sheila Marie Fitzpatrick's Thoughts on Chapter 4:20-21 of the Rule of St. Benedict

Do not get too involved in purely worldly affairs and count nothing more important than the love you should cherish for Christ.
(RB Ch 4, v 20-21)

There are many quotes in the Rule of St. Benedict that I appreciate, so I would not be able to select a favorite. However, this quote is one that speaks to me right now. I find myself becoming so engaged with the issues of our world, our political campaign and new president, our economic crisis, global warming and our environment, and other world affairs. While it is very important to stay informed, especially as citizens of our country, I often catch myself looking for the next news story or an update on the latest development. If I am not careful, I can allow this interest to determine how my day is spent. When this happens, then it is an addiction - not Christ - that is at the center of my life.

So many activities can become addictive – following our favorite sports team; shopping for the best bargains or playing video games or Wii. Even hobbies such as reading or crafts can become so. There is nothing wrong with these activities, and are healthy in proper doses. The question becomes “Does this activity determine how I spend my day?” It comes down to the small choices we make, the activities that we choose to fill our free time, and how we approach these activities. More importantly, what do we exclude? Are we making time to share with others? Do we have time to listen to Christ in our lives? Are these activities helping me to grow in my relationships with Christ and others? These are daily questions that help guide me in my choices in living my life for Christ.

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Sr. Nicolette Etienne, OSB said...

Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us. Addictions can be hard to overcome. However, putting God in the center of everything is a great way to start!