Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sr. Nicolette's Favorite Quote From the Rule of St. Benedict

So that in all things, God may be glorified!

What does it mean to glorify God in all things? Is it possible to give God glory in every breath I take? I entered Our Lady of Grace Monastery on July 31, 1986. Glorifying God has been an ongoing process for me. As I grow older and hopefully, a little more spiritually mature, I find I depend on God more and more and glorifying God is as natural...as every breath I take.

I Glorify God When:

  • I wake up in the morning and I remember to say good morning to God before my feet even hit the ground.

  • I respect the early morning silence at the Monastery and share a warm smile with my sisters.

  • When I sit in my room with Scripture and listen to God's word through the practice of Lectio Divina.

  • I take a walk in our grove and see the beautiful nature God created all around me.

  • I welcome my middle school students as they walk into my classroom ready to learn more about their Catholic heritage and the love God has for each of them.

  • I realize how blessed I am to work with so many of God's beautiful children both young and old.

  • I walk the journey with women who are discerning their call to our Benedictine Community.

  • I extend hospitality to everyone I meet.

  • I spend time with others who are on the journey up the mountain to God.

  • A fresh blanket of snow covers our grounds.

  • I have the opportunity to spend time near the ocean.

  • I spend time with the Etienne Family.

  • I join my Sisters for the Divine Office and Liturgy.

  • I have joy and happiness in my heart.

  • I have sorrow and pain in my heart.

  • I have the opportunity to pray during Adoration.

  • I walk into our dining room and see the delicious food that has been prepared for my community.

  • I think of all the men and women who work hard to keep our Monastery, nursing home and retreat center running smoothly.

  • I receive an unexpected...or expected gift or letter in the mail from a loved one.

  • See the sparkle of God's love in one of my sisters' eyes.

  • My sisters gather together to make decisions that will make us holier Benedictine Women.

  • I have the discipline to live a life worthy of my calling.

  • I walk by faith.

I'm on the journey. Sometimes, I run, sometimes I walk while other times I fall. I count on those around me to encourage me and to continuously point the way towards the heart of God. In making a conscious effort to love God and serve God's people I can say I am living the Rule of St. Benedict and glorifying God in all things.


Anonymous said...

Hello Sister,
I have heard you say that quote probably about 200 times. I have never thought about it as much as I had when I was reading this section. Most people know that not everything that they do glorifies God. Of course sin doesn't. The things I am talking about are the small things that we do. Why do we help out around the house? Why do we choose to do small acts of love? Why do we even refrain from doing things that are wrong? If we were truly honest with ourselves, most of us have probably rarely thought about the questions. When I answer these questions, I answer with things along the line of, "It's the right thing to do," not the better answer of, "To LOVE GOD and serve his people. The first answer is only half of our vocation and isn't fully enough. If we don't do things with the intent of loving and serving God, in the end, the acts don't become fully as we intended them to be. With this knowledge in mind, I will strive to do every good act with the intention of glorifying God.
-Chris B.

A Diamond Being Cut... said...

Chirs B; Congrats. You must've took most of those words from our universal caché of hope, faith, and love. AKA, Soul and Heart.

I think it's more than just a quote, I think it's a prayer to say before you do something. Like an event of such, you pray that quote so while you are doing that avtivity, you glorify god in your words and actions.

Again, Chris left me with nothing to day. That's respectable.

- Josh S.