Friday, August 22, 2008

Howard Gray Reflections Part Two

I promised you more poems and reflections on the song, Howard Gray.  Well, here they are! These were written by my 7th graders.

I'll stick up for someone.  I'll help others and be a friend to someone who needs me. I hope no one ever puts anyone down. 
(Ben 1)

I stand up for friends and family.  One time some of the girls were making fun of another person.  I stood up for that person.  I knew their feelings had been hurt.  I never want to hurt the feelings of others.  My feelings have been hurt.  I don't like that feeling.  Never forget the Golden Rule:  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  In other words, treat others as you would like to be treated.  I follow this rule.  (Nikki)

Listening to Howard Gray makes me think about all the bullying that goes on.  I have to ask myself if I would treat anyone like the way they treated Howard.  God teaches us to love our neighbors.  It makes me ask why they did that.  How could they hurt someone so badly that he moved away?  I feel that I could be stuck in the same place the writer of the song was.  Feeling afraid to stand up for what is right. I am moved now to always stand up for what I know is right.  (Emily)

Not much longer then,
Mama taught the Golden Rule,
I never joined in.

I hear a lot of stories like Howard Gray.  It shows me how many people go through school not being the person they could have been.  They may have even been my friend.  People don't know what they are doing when they put other people down and make fun of people in school.  The person being hurt remembers what people did to them.  It's something they can't forget.  It becomes a memory they cannot let go of.  (Kaitlin)

This song says how one boy wouldn't give into peer pressure.  He didn't want to make fun of Howard.  One day, the pressure got to him.  He didn't know what he was doing until he saw Howard's eyes were tear-stained.  (Josh)

This poem has a very deep meaning.  Why do people get picked on?  What's the point of treating a person so terribly?  They're having a great time doing this.  I think that is the sad part.  It will eat you up inside until you can't bear it.  I wonder what it feels like being the one who is being threatened.  If kids thought of that then they would probably stop and apologize.  (J.C.)

When I heard the song, Howard Gray,  it made me sad to think that people make fun of people for what they wear, look like or if they are rich or poor.  There have been times when I have wished that I stood up for someone when I had the opportunity.  It's sad to think that people judge others by how they look, what type of grades they make  or what kind of clothes they wear.  People look on the outside when they really should be looking on the inside.  (Kristen 2)

I think I would be the person who would stick up for Howard.  I think about those kids and how they probably feel real bad about what they did.  Besides, it is kind of hard to laugh at someone when they are hurt and in pain.  So, even if no one ever talked to Howard all he probably ever wanted was a friend and a person to talk to. I hope that Howard Gray found a real friend to lean on.  (Jamaica)

I feel bad for both the narrator and Howard Gray.  I feel bad that the narrator couldn't ever apologize.  I would feel bad if I couldn't ever apologize to someone.  I also feel bad for Howard because he got bullied just for not having as much money as everyone else.  I'm glad my school doesn't have stuff going on like that.  (Tristan)

When I see someone picking on somebody, I normally don't get involved.   When it is more than one person I try to make the person that is being picked on feel better. All that they really need is one friend to build their confidence back up.  I think when that goes on it should be stopped immediately. (Ben 3)

Howard Gray stayed close to God and his only friend embarrassed him.  But, I bet he stayed close to God, and after he moved things got better for him.  Howard Gray would forgive anyone that asked for it.  (Ben 2)

This song is pretty sad.  I'm more of the bully and I regret it a lot.  I don't mean to be mean but I am.  I'm sorry for hurting a person in my class.  I don't want to be mean but something keeps at me.  (Christian)

This song has so many life lessons.  RESPECT!  This is what every human deserves. Howard didn't get what he fact...he got the opposite.  This song moved me both spiritually and mentally.  Just because someone isn't quite the same as others does not mean they don't have feelings.  I recommend this song for everyone. You will learn so much from this song!  (Kristen 1)


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hey sr. thanks for posting my poem. all of the poems look awsome. See you at school!!!

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All of the reflections you shared are beautiful! Remember to keep loving God and all that you meet.

Sr. Nicolette you were Rockin at the communion service. Thank you for sharing your many gifts! Love ya.

JOSH said...

i think that all of the reflections are amazing. you should never put anyone down. no matter what the color of their skin, the way a person speaks, or the way a person looks.

almost all of the three J's were on there. better luck next time Jake.

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They were all good.Your class was fun today in class.See you Tuesday!

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These are great reflections. Your blog is awesome!!!

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The poems are very good. Also the song about howard gray was awesome.

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I love all of the reflections. The are very well written.
Love, Samantha

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they are all good

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hi agin class was so much fun we should do stuff like that agin!
love one of your favorite students,

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hi i love u and your stundents theyn write soooooo good

love your favorite stundents

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i liked them all

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Thank you so much for posting my reflection on your blog. I hope that you post my reflection on the song "How Could Anyone"

Thank You So So So Much!
Kristen Norris

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This is best and favorite student. See You Later Sister.


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i love this place.

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hey sister!!
i loved all the reflections
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classs was awesome today
i loved listening to
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your the best teacher ever


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I loved class today! My favorite thing to do in your class is God Art. I love your class. I don't think anyone could ever teach Religion Class better than you!
Thanks for playong the song "How Could Anyone"
Kristen Norris
p.s. thanks for scaring me half to death this morning.

=] i love you![=

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I really like all the writing.You all did a nice job!!! :)

-Mia R.