Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Direction for Our Times

Recently some friends introduced me to "Anne," a Lay Apostle.  Little is known about the person of Anne.  Why?  Anne works anonymously because Jesus and Mary have instructed her to do so. She is the mother of six children, and heaven seeks to protect her family from undue publicity. Each detail of the mission is completed in obedience to heaven, under the watchful eye of the Church.

Anne has written ten Volumes of journal entries of messages she has received from Jesus and Mary.  She has released eight of the Volumes for those on the spiritual journey and those who are seeking to begin the spiritual journey, to read.  She has also written other books and short booklets with various themes including: Addiction, Clerical Abuse, Divorce, Youths, Stress, Depression, Abortion, Prisoners, Soldiers, Priests & Religious, Dying, Rejected God, Financial Need, Considering Suicide, Forgiveness, Experience Tragedy, Do Not Know Jesus, Worry About Children's Salvation, Fear Purgatory and Away From The Church. You can read more about what Anne has to offer by visiting this website:  http://www.directionforourtimes.com

I have only read Volume One.  However, I have every intention of reading the rest of her Volumes as well as the books she has written which include:  In Defense of Obedience and Reflections on the Priesthood, The Mist of Mercy and Climbing The Mountain.

In future posts I will share my favorite quotes from Anne's book, Volume One
I think I was really meant to read these books.  A few years ago my brother, Fr. Paul, was telling me about Anne and her work to spread the message of Jesus and Mary.  I remember being interested at the time.  However, I never took my brother's advice to begin the journey of reading Anne's work. This summer I had an opportunity to spend a few days in Florida with some women who had my brother as a Pastor.  My brother encouraged them to read Anne's books.  They accepted the offer and their love for God and Mary only deepened and expanded.  While in Florida many of our early morning discussions and prayer times were centered around these books that Anne has written.  I finally heard God loud and clear calling me to read the messages Anne received from Jesus and Mary. Though I have only read Volume One, I can already tell my love for God has deepened as well.  I look forward to sharing some of my favorite quotes from Anne's books and reflection on how Jesus is calling me to a deeper relationship with him and his Mother.

Do yourself a favor.  Go on line and read for yourself what Jesus has waiting for you.  The first day of every month Anne delivers a special message from Jesus.  You can sign up to receive these messages via email.  This is the message for August:

My dear ones, I am with you in your struggles. How can I help you to understand that your struggles are necessary to your holiness? Perhaps you should simply trust Me and view your struggles as evidence that I continue working to perfect your soul. If there were no struggle, My little apostles, there could be no possibility of advancement. This is a time to make great gains in holiness but gains are only possible with effort. I am making every effort toward you. Are you making efforts to move closer to Me? Ask yourself today and each day, ‘Where is God asking me to be holier today?’ Perhaps it is charity, perhaps patience, possibly trust, maybe you should practice concentrating on your holiness and refrain from examining the work needed in other souls. Oh, My dear apostles, if you could only see how desirable holiness is to heaven. If you could only see how beautiful you are when you are looking up to heaven with an honest desire to become holier. When you become distracted, My heart sighs. And yet I am patient with you. I know that My little ones want to serve Me. I know that My little ones struggle to absorb the truth about holiness. And that is why I am patient. I am patient because you are trying. Continue trying, dear apostles. Walk bravely into holiness. Be fearless in examining your condition. If you do so, I will surround you with love so that you do not become discouraged but emboldened. You will become emboldened to strive for greater and greater heights of holiness and greater and greater heights of humility. How heaven will rejoice as the King’s apostles relinquish their ties to the world and attach themselves more fully to heaven’s work. Heaven’s work will always involve two goals, one, the holiness of the apostle, two the coming of the Kingdom. My apostles must concern themselves primarily with their holiness and then I, the King, can best see to the coming of God’s Kingdom. Be at peace. Rejoice. I am with you and My plan is advancing.

May God continue to bless you and lead you to a deeper relationship with Jesus and Mary.


Heather said...

Wow! What a beautiful message. Thanks for sharing it. It is amazing how often God uses other people to give us the words that we need to hear. You are a blessing Sr. Nicolette and I look forward to reading Anne's first book/discussing it wih you.

P.S. I updated my blog as well today...you should read it :).

Anonymous said...

I heard God talking directly to me. The message is quite personal to all who hear it. Thank you for being the messenger. Mjb(Holy Name)

Anonymous said...

Dear Sister Nicolette,
Thanks for directing us to Anne's message.

Anonymous said...

i love it !
the picture is awesome also!

RoamingCatholic said...

Thanks for posting about Anne and DFOT! I absolutely love that mission! I've been to several of the Eucharistic Days and to Holy Trinity Abbey in Ireland, it was wonderful! God bless!