Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Commentary for the 18th Sunday of Ordinary Time by Sr. Kathleen Yeadon, OSB

When Jesus disembarked and saw the vast crowd, his heart was moved with pity for them. . . . 
Matt 14

When Jesus sees all the people hungering for a sense of hope in their desperate lives, his heart goes out to the people. Here Jesus gives us an example of keeping open space for others in our hearts and especially in our ministries. As evening approaches, the disciples want to send the people away. They know they don’t have enough food to feed them and respond from a sense of being overwhelmed. Jesus only asks for what they have and multiplies their little amount to feed the vast crowd.

We have two miracles in today’s Gospel story: one is the multiplication of the loaves and the other one is the transformation of the hearts of the apostles to offer what little they have and to trust God to make up the difference.

Maybe our crowds are not vast, but we too, are called to offer the little we have—maybe in our energy, talents, patience, hope and gratitude. The Eucharist is a small loaf but it becomes all that we need to be Christ for one another.

Through our vows of monastic life, we have all offered our lives to God on this altar. Let us allow God to bless, break and give our lives so that we become for each other the bread, the cup, the presence of Christ revealed (This Bread That We Share #334 Breaking Bread).

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Sr. Kathleen,
I always look forward to reading your commentary. Thank you for sharing them with the world.